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Benefits and Insights

Why use Propel PLM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Propel PLM

  • Expansive and Flexible: Propel PLM has a sufficient ratio of personalization and flexibility to suit users' interests. There's a broad scope of capabilities such as approving documents, depositing files and evaluating lists of products. 
  • Import Data with Ease: Users or Propel PLM's customer support can effortlessly import company data and information into the solution. 
  • Easy-to-Access: Propel PLM has cloud deployability so installation is easy. Users' files and information are available from virtually anywhere on any device with an internet connection. 
  • Streamlines Product Procedures: Users can work on every stage of their product lifecycles with Propel PLM. Users can easily design reviews, change order management, bill of materials (BOM), cost management and more.  

Industry Expertise

PLM, QMS, high-tech manufacturing and cloud technology experts founded and launched Propel in 2015. Their mission is to link people, systems and processes with companies to formulate products from the brainstorming phase to distribution. Their core values include customer satisfaction, honesty, courage, accessibility and curiosity.

Key Features

  • Immediate Collaboration: Propel PLM offers a collaboration accessory that's equipped with whole data transparency, teamwork across the entire company, blended analytics and full access control. When users connect people, systems and procedures with this tool, they can make better business choices and rupture project silos. 
  • Interchange Information: Users can use the collaboration tool to employ relevant upgrades in user adoption rates. These upgrades will enable users to swiftly trade information with the sales, services and product groups to get their merchandise out to the market sooner. 
  • Create Edits and Cancellations: This program offers enhanced adaptability, clarity and efficiency when contrasting and supervising product versions. Users can review and compare revisions without interrupting workflows. This accessory enables users to effectively cancel any product traits such as bill of materials (BOMs), pricing, product catalog attributes and structure rules to specifically pinpoint what changed and where. 
  • Administer All BOMs: Users can use the BOM management tool to safely share their current BOM information and cooperate with several internal teams, suppliers and partners connected to the product's lifecycle. Users can plot and conceive all product options and features to formulate the ideal business decisions.  
  • Manage Changes and Revisions: Propel PLM's change management accessory enables users to adjust the precise approval work procedures and monitors product updates throughout the entire value sequence. Users can seamlessly evaluate and validate workflows from their phone, tablet or laptop thanks to Propel PLM's cloud-based deployability.  
  • Task and Project Accomplishment: Users can supervise and trace project accomplishments with Propel PLM's active collaboration and data transparency. This module can assist users in supervising project schedules and collaborating with suppliers, internal team members and manufacturers. Users speed up production by recognizing and rectifying the precise causes of delays and downtimes. 
  • Integrate Computer-Aided Designs (CADs): Propel PLM can integrate with on-premise or cloud-based CAD solutions to produce parts, BOMs and change orders. This integration permits users to expedite time to market, dwindle errors, reinforce innovation, gain prompt teamwork, automatically formulate parts and receive thorough 3D CAD visualization. 
  • Oversee Costs and Profits: Users can deplete costs and boost profits with effective design, supply chain maximization and precautionary maintenances. Propel PLM traces, supervises and studies material, prototype, labor, maintenance, production and supply chain so users can assess product growth and linked profit margins.  
  • Intricate Analytics: Propel PLM's analytics capability enables users to collect and review cost information received from distributors and manufacturers. Users can input this information into a BOM to examine and compare costs throughout various products and time intervals.  
  • Lawful and Environmental Compliances: Users can comply with stock-keeping units (SKU) and global trade item number (GTIN) regulations by managing adjustments, regulation requirements and allocation principles. This module ensures a product is sold in global markets by cooperating with local market requirements. Users can also verify compliances with environmental specifications such as restriction of hazardous substances (RoHS), waste electrical and electronic equipment (WEEE), registration, evaluation, authorization and restriction of chemicals (REACH), China RoHS, joint electron device engineering council (JEDEC), Japanese Green Initiative and Conflict Minerals standards.  


Propel PLM offers plenty of benefits and capabilities. However, there a few limitations that come with this solution.

  •  Some features require more lengthy learning times than others. 
  •  It is occasionally difficult to find the right document or file with the search tool. 
  •  It can be challenging to export or print files with the software.  
*as of 4/27/20

Propel PLM Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users may send an email to [email protected] for email support.
phonePhone: For phone support, users may dial (408)755-3780.
schoolTraining: Propel offers an elaborate knowledge library of case studies, eBooks, datasheets and demos under the resources. Users can also watch in-depth videos and choose from various topics on Propel's blog.
local_offerTickets: Users may fill out the contact form on Propel's contact us page.