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Why use Fusion Lifecycle?

Key differentiators & advantages of Fusion Lifecycle

  • Deplete Obstacles:  Fusion Lifecycle assists users in identifying and automating operations to keep product creation on the road to completion, reducing obstacles. 
  • Instant Updates: Users receive prompt access to needed information. Fusion Lifecycle showcases data on elaborate dashboards for rapid analysis.  
  • Keep Up with Changes: If unexpected changes arise in production or product designs, Fusion Lifecycle swiftly documents and alerts users so they can always stay in the loop. 
  • Enhance Operations: Users can streamline production procedures such as machining, printing, inspecting and generating improved parts for products with ease thanks to Fusion Lifecycle's various modules and accessories.  
  • Simple Navigation: Fusion Lifecycle comes with easy-to-navigate tabs that offer accessory buttons with visible pictures and short descriptions when users hover over them. 

Industry Expertise

Autodesk provides software and services that employ new technologies from 3D printing and artificial intelligence to generative design and robotics to boost product lifecycle methods for enterprises and entrepreneurs. Their software has gained favor among the architecture, engineering, construction, manufacturing, media and entertainment industries. Autodesk's mission is to aid people in building a better world for future generations by reducing waste, saving money, staying competitive and offering support to future innovators through grants, software donations and training courses.

Key Features

  • Adjustable Workflows: The new product introduction accessory offers standard workflows that users can adjust to align with their business' production processes. Users can review processes on easy-to-read graphs and spot possible bottlenecks in production before they happen. 
  • Overview Tasks and Responsibilities: Users can implement the new product introduction module's task management element so every owner and stakeholder can review uncompleted tasks in elaborate detail. This tool comes with automatic process operations to assist everyone in supervising each task so deadlines are properly met. 
  • Benchmark Indicators: Fusion Lifecycle's new product introduction feature is equipped with prompt milestone indicators for projects, sub-projects, tasks and singular procedures. These indicators can outline when each phase of a job is due and whether or not the stage is on the right track. Users can track finished projects or duties for review and even enhance its effectiveness for future projects. 
  • Conduct Bill of Materials (BOM) Comparisons: Users can employ the BOM tool to compare revisions and configurations on specific BOMs. This accessory swiftly catches what's changed when users distribute a new version of their products. Users can ensure they cooperate with compliance regulations by studying previous versions and the overall history of their specific merchandise.  
  • Review and Revise Items: Fusion Lifecycle's BOM feature allows users to activate revision control so they can all see the correct version of a product. This tool allows stakeholders to rapidly find and evaluate items in a managed, single and secure habitat. Users can also formulate exactly what part of a product was manufactured or allocated on any specific day. 
  • Consistent Alerts: Users are constantly notified of required input and location details with the change management accessory. This tool enables other stakeholders, who are not directly correlated in processes, to also receive alerts. Users gain a personalized to-do list tailored to their specific roles and what they can input in the change process.  
  • Trail Change Requests and Change Orders: The change management tool enables users to always track change requests and change orders once they're finished. Any authorized users in the company can access historical change processes. This accessory offers an audit trail that chronicles every stage of a product change, ensuring it cooperates with regulations. Users can also document every stage in the process and review an elaborate outline of who executed each step, when it happened and any additional comments. 
  • Readable Quality Data:  Fusion Lifecycle offers a quality management tool that exhibits data collected from change order rates, inspection defects and corrective and preventive action (CAPA) in comprehensive bar or pie charts. This tool promptly updates so users are always receiving the most current information, diminishing potential blunders. Users can deplete extra time and effort that goes into compiling data thanks to this quality management accessory.  
  • Adaptable CAPA Workflows: Users can work with hassle-free customizable CAPA workflows to align with their business' standards with the quality management accessory. This component offers complete graphs of their CAPA processes that are accessible to anyone in the company and to auditors. The progress of these procedures is gauged in real-time to catch and decrease bottlenecks. Users can also track previous CAPA operations to assist in attaining compliance needs.  
  • Supervise Supplier Insights: The supplier collaboration module is equipped with detailed information on suppliers in one secure place. Users gain access to apps for approved manufacturers lists, approved vendor lists and specifics on merchandise every supplier offers. Stakeholders rapidly connect to the required information to validate suppliers and vendors. They can also supervise supplier audits.  
  • Protected Supplier Involvement: Fusion Lifecycle's supplier collaboration accessory enables suppliers to get involved with the request for quotation (RFQ) proceedings. Suppliers gain authorization to view drawings and 3D models of products. This tool dwindles miscommunication errors and lead times to raise the accuracy of supplied materials.  
  • Administer Computer-Aided Designs (CADs): Users can utilize the Autodesk Vault and Product Data Management component to share and track product data with their engineering teams. This accessory can also manage all types of design files such as Excel, PowerPoint, PDF, DOC, 2D and 3D CAD files, Autodesk Inventor files and more. Users can integrate Fusion Lifecycle with other Autodesk design and visualization solutions.  


Fusion Lifecycle offers a multitude of tools and benefits to keep businesses afloat. But there are some limitations that come with this solution.
  •  Users take extra steps to revise edit sti. files compared to other file types.  
  •  The system occasionally crashes when redesigning a product.  
  •  Administrators can't select specific required fields for each phase in product development.  
  •  When users clear workspaces for new projects, there's lingering links and data from previous projects. 
  •  The interface is slow and users report slow loading times for pages. 
  • *As of 4/15/20

Fusion Lifecycle Suite Support

Autodesk offers its Contact Support page for product support. Users can peruse and click from a variety of categories such as "managing my Autodesk account," "purchasing or returning my product," “managing my licenses" and others. There are also self-service tools including requesting an activation code, changing the contract manager and requesting the previous version of a product.

mail_outlineEmail: Email support is not available at this time.
phonePhone: Phone support is not available at this time.
schoolTraining: Autodesk extends a variety of online resources to users such as the knowledge database, tutorials and troubleshooting articles, training videos with free online courses, forum support, expedited community forum support and interactive webinars.
local_offerTickets: Help ticket support is not available at this time.

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