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Why use Enovia?

Key differentiators & advantages of Enovia

  • Swiftly Meet Product Expectations: Users can ensure products meet and exceed expectations and requirements. 
  • Real-Time Project Execution: Users can monitor project tasks, issues and risks from real-time information. 
  • Single Platform Sharing: Enovia allows management and sharing of valuable project information with teammates on a single, secure platform 
  • Manage Product Requirements in One Place: One central repository and common tool manages product requirements, improves visibility and refines team communication and collaboration. 
  • Decrease Development Costs: Development costs are reduced because the gaps between product requirements, design, and launch are bridgeable with ease. 
  • Improved Decision-Making: Managers can comfortably assess product compliance and supplier reporting status to make educated decisions. 

Industry Expertise

Enovia is a planning tool that follows a successful project from the preliminary development stage to implementation. Industries include transportation, aerospace & defense, marine & offshore, high-tech, industrial equipment, and consumer packaged goods & retail. Owned by Dassault Systemes, Enovia’s outreach includes North and South America, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Asia-Pacific.

Key Features

  • Materials Compliance Analysis: Enovia’s materials compliance analysis feature allows users to maximize the use of compliant components to create eco-friendly designs. This feature also enables users to make smarter outsourcing decisions based on environmental compliance or supplier responsiveness.  
  • Quality Intelligence Analyst: Analysts and other users in an organization can oversee the quality process of analytics in real-time. A single dashboard can host combined EDMS and EQMS data models for one-stop control. 
  • Product Capability Management: Enovia’s product manager feature leverages product architecture and product configuration to generate the Engineering BOM automatically. It improves customer satisfaction by ensuring all requirements are met for each product and service.  
  • Driven Product Manager for Services: The service product manager attribute allows review and approves business initiative projects for product design as “go” or “no go.” This attribute can also define generic or off the shelf products for all locations and languages. 
  • 3D Product Development: Enovia’s 3D Product Architect feature enables the creation of web-based 3D digital mockups and design reviews. It also grants the ability to visualize, explore and edit multi-CAD product structures within a web browser. 
  • Issue and Defect Manager: The Defect Engineer tool can manage issues and defects in complex system-on-chip product hierarchies. Hierarchical defect impact analyses are also performable.  

Enovia Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: For United States and Canada email assistance, email: [email protected] For assistance for other countries/regions, select your region on 3DS’ “Call/E-mail us” page.
phonePhone: For phone assistance in the United States and Canada, dial +1 877-334-2551. For phone assistance in other regions, select your region on 3DS’ “Call/E-Mail us” page
schoolTraining: For training on Enovia, click the “Watch Now” button under “Enovia to the Max Webinar Series” at the top of the Enovia page on 3DS and choose from a complete list of webinars.
local_offerTickets: For ticket support, users can choose either the 3DS Support App or the DSx. Client Care tool on 3DS “Submit A Request” page

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