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Why use Creo?

Key differentiators & advantages of Creo

  • Scalable: Creo expands its features as users' projects require complex engineering practices. Users can also work with the most complex and intricate shapes like gears, dodecahedrons, ellipsoids and more.  
  • Complete AR Experience: Creo works with augmented reality (AR) so users can publish and manage up to 10 designs at a time. Users can also publish experiences as QR codes and use in Microsoft's HoloLens. 
  • Real-time Simulations: Users can promptly view simulations of their designs in the modeling environment as they make revisions to the model. Users also receive real-time feedback on design decision-making. 
  • Additions to Additive Manufacturing: Creo's additive manufacturing element is equipped with new tools for modeling needs such as lattice structures, direction definition for building and slicing for products that require 3D printing. 
  • User-Friendly Interface: An improved model tree, customizable dashboards and features and mini-toolbar comprise a user-friendly interface and experience. Users can also work with designs that consist of more than 100 parts.  

Industry Expertise

Since 1985 PTC has worked to assist the ever-changing needs of manufacturing companies across the globe. In 1988, PTC launched its first version of Pro/ENGINEER, one of the first parametric modeling software. John Deere and Caterpillar were some of PTC's notable customers. After purchasing Co-Create in 2007, PTC began rationalizing how it could blend direct modeling with its parametric software. In 2010, Creo was born — a solution that allowed direct and parametric modeling. PTC's industries now include oil & gas, retail & consumer products, automotive and life sciences.

Key Features

  • Develop 3D Models: The 3D design accessory allows users to create effective 3D models and prototypes of products. 
  • Craft Mechanisms: Creo's mechanism design component enables users to create mechanisms and assemblies with mechanical connections like pins or gears. Users can also study a model's kinetic behavior for motion interferences and other issues.  
  • Real-World Simulations: Users can utilize the simulation module to test their 3D prototypes with lifelike scenarios. 
  • Implement Curves and Surfaces: The industrial design accessory's freestyle design component enables users to link models with a variety of surfaces and curves. 
  • Collaborate with Augmented Reality: Creo's augmented reality (AR) design share tool permits users to share and collaborate on projects with anyone in any location thanks to the cloud. 
  • Prompt Structure Analysis: The structural analysis feature allows users to modify elements of their models to meet specific requirements. Users can use structural analysis studies to immediately edit parts and determine if they function properly. 
  • Execute Mold Analysis: Users can use the mold fill analysis module to evaluate, edit and verify if a plastic piece is made properly in the first attempt. This tool enables users to conduct a 3D thickness test to catch problems before sending it to the mold design expert. 
  • Test Plastic Parts: Creo's mold analysis extension permits users to test a plastic part's molding injection, eliminating mold revisioning and trail debugging. Users can also perform moldability, weld line and sink mark analyses on plastic parts. 
  • Collect and Implement Product Data: Users can gather and utilize beneficial product data in their models and prototypes with the product insight feature. 
  • Perform Thermal Studies: Thermal analysis tests how parts and materials fare in varying temperatures. This solution's thermal analysis works with the simulation tool to ensure parts and mechanisms achieve proper temperature requirements with various thermal environments. These tests determine a part's heat fluctuations, heat flow rates and temperatures. 
  • Data Control: Users can employ Creo's data management accessory to review the latest multi-CAD and product data in one panel. 

Creo Suite Support

PTC Community is a group forum for all users to talk, ask and answer questions. Users may also choose one of three support packages for their PTC product for eSupport (i.e., Silver, Gold and GoldPlus) that offers software updates, PTC Knowledge Base, various languages and more.

mail_outlineEmail: There is no email support at this time.
phonePhone: For technical support, users may call (800) 477-6435.
schoolTraining: Users may access PTC University for Creo and other PTC public and private training and certifications.
local_offerTickets: There is no ticket support at this time.

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