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Why use AutoCAD Plant 3D?

Key differentiators & advantages of AutoCAD Plant 3D

  • Enhance Team Collaboration: The collaboration module consents users to tenaciously exchange design data through several enterprises. Users may also supervise permissions, revisions and progress. This appliance offers improved collaboration on a common data platform that aids in upkeep compliance terms, depletes data loss and extends strengthened operations.  
  • Effective Pipe Designs Drawings: As users place elements and lines in their P&ID blueprints, each part consists of data that links to the data management component. This tool approves users to review and export data documents as a spreadsheet or comma-separated values (CSV) file and also import them into AutoCAD Plant 3D. Some of the elements users can add to the drawings include nozzles, control valves, connectors, tags, annotations and more. 
  • Recognizable Symbols: AutoCAD utilizes a library of commonly-used component and line symbols in the P&ID, process industry practices (PIP), instrument society of America (ISA), international organization for standardization (ISO) and other industries for blueprints. Users are able to add their own symbols to the library as well so employees don't have to guess or free-hand symbols, helping ensure that they're always in compliance with their company's regulations. 
  • Parametric or User-Generated Models: Users may develop various hardware like tanks, pumps, boilers, filters and nozzles amongst others with parametric patterns, user-made models or tailored tools by importing a 3D drawing (DWQ) file from another application. When users create a new workpiece, they may establish geometric attributes, locations, positions and non-geometric traits such as tags and descriptions.  
  • Diminish Errors: The validation feature enables users to regularly verify if their designs have common errors or not. They can specify which errors to flag as they initiate the validation and have the choice of addressing or ignoring the revealed faults. This module may also analyze 3D models to ensure they conform to the assigned P&ID illustration.  

Industry Expertise

Autodesk believes in producing software for people and industries who make objects such as cars, skyscrapers, smartphones, or films just to name a few. They make software that merges with the latest manufacturing trends such as 3D printing, artificial intelligence (AI) robotics, generative design and more to enhance productivity and sustainability across a whole product.

Key Features

  • Affix Structures: Users can implement 3D structures, such as beams or columns, to designs by designating start and endpoints or lining up the structure with an item in their outlines. AutoCAD Plant 3D authorizes users to edit structures by altering the structural member settings or matching their qualities to other structures in the illustration. Users can also work with grids for their structures, making it easier to format a structural model in a 3D atmosphere.  
  • Refine Specifications (Specs): The spec editor tool enables users to craft and edit various specs or documents that consist of all the information required to make a particular product. Users may attach workpieces to specs and route them to pipes, determine part-utilization priorities for part groups in accordance with part size, import and export spec sheets into or out of Excel spreadsheets and more.  
  • Produce Noted and Layered Isometric Drawings: Develop annotated and layered isometric drawings from 3D models on their local network or through the cloud. AutoCAD Plant 3D makes it feasible for users to review every line or just lines in isometric drawings by choosing them from a list or physically clicking on them in the design.  
  • Effective Reporting: Develop reports through the data manager or the report creator modules. Users are able to generate fast reports and export them to Excel for formatting while the report creator authorizes users to develop formatted bill of materials (BOMs), materials lists or other lists that are comprised of totals and material quantities. 
  • Import PDF Files into Blueprints: Import geometry, fills, raster images and TrueType texts from PDF files into AutoCAD hassle-free. PDF files enable users to publish and share design information for collaboration such as reviewing and marking revisions. Users can attach PDF files to drawings as underlays to provide reference notes or imported as partial or entire objects. 
  • Manage Layouts: Users can work with layouts or a 2D atmosphere used to develop drawing sheets. The area inside a layout is referred to as a paper space, enabling users to add title blocks, exhibit scaled views of model space and generate tables, schedules, notes and other dimensions for their blueprints.  


AutoCAD Plant 3D comes with plenty of benefits and capabilities, but there are a few limitations. At the time of this review’s publication, these are the limitations of the solution based on user feedback:
  •  Occasionally takes a while to reopen a design file 
  •  Making libraries and importing elements into them can be a bit tricky 
  • AutoCAD Plant 3D Suite Support

    AutoCAD Plant 3D offers email, phone, ticket and chat support, but it's only available to users who make an account and log into the support page.
    mail_outlineEmail: Email support is available to registered users.
    phonePhone: Phone support is available to registered users.
    schoolTraining: Users may access the learning database to review thorough articles on product features (i.e., Isometrics, BOM, catalog builders and more), knowledge source (Autodesk University, screencast, and more), content type and more. Users can also participate in community forums to get their questions asked and answered by fellow AutoCAD Plant 3D users.
    local_offerTickets: Ticket support is available to registered users.

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