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Why use Arbortext?

Key differentiators & advantages of Arbortext

  • Easy To Use: The design of PTC Arbortext keeps usability in mind. For example, it allows users to reuse content across different media formats, conducts spell checking and contains the ability to perform advanced searches. 
  • Improves Productivity: Capabilities such as automatic formatting and reuse of information free up employee time so that they can focus on other tasks. With PTC Arbortext, you can link to an old source to reuse information instead of wasting time copying and pasting everything. 
  • Global Support: This software supports more than 25 languages. Its standards support formats such as XML, Schema and XPath. It also supports HTML, CALS, OASIS, and Arbortext table models. 
  • Cost Reduction: Costs can be reduced by increasing productivity and transparency across the product lifecycle. For example, with the PTC Arbortext Styler tool, you can get rid of desktop publishing costs associated with the production of documents. 
  • Consistency: PTC Arbortext allows you to create stylesheets for layout and delivery of information, which can improve consistency. These standardized stylesheets can be used across the business to ensure accuracy and productivity. 
  • Automation: Many features included with PTC Arbortext are automated. This includes automatically generated content such as repeating titles, bullets and cross-references. It can also automatically format lists and indexes. 

Industry Expertise

PTC itself is used by over 28,000 businesses worldwide. Its range of solutions, including PTC Arbortext, is suited to companies in various industries. PTC Arbortext contains tools that are especially beneficial to companies that are undergoing content or product development and design. Industries where these needs are common may include retail, manufacturing and electronics.

Key Features

  • Creation of Structured Content: The PTC Arbortext Editor allows users to create content for multiple media formats. It also creates standardized information across an organization, so that time and money aren’t being spent on redefinitions of previously developed concepts. Easily editable 2-D and 3-D graphics support is present along with support for a multitude of standards such as XML, SGML, XSL, XPath and DOM. 
  • Real-time CAD Data: Real-time CAD data can be gathered and used to develop illustrations and animations more quickly. The IsoDraw feature is beneficial to making sure that product information and graphics remain accurate as objects are updated and specifications are changed throughout the production cycle. Multiple data formats are supported, including raster graphics, 2-D, 3-D and animations. 
  • Automated Document Creation: The Advanced Print Publisher tool allows users to automatically format the layouts of documents prior to publication. This includes graphics, text and other features that take a lot of time and effort to edit manually. Some examples of formats that the APP tool supports include XML, JPG, GIF, CGM and SVG. 
  • Stylesheet Configuration: Stylesheets can be created through the PTC Arbortext Styler tool, which allows users to create a set of standards and rules across stylesheets. These standards can then be used to ensure content and product quality and consistency along the product lifecycle. Styler also supports different languages and layout types. 
  • Content Filtering for Audiences: The PTC Arbortext Publishing Engine tool includes a profiling feature that allows users to filter content based on factors such as geography. This can be done based on intelligence that is added to the content throughout the production process. 
  • Unified Content Portal: Content from across the product lifecycle can be easily accessed through PTC Arbortext Content Delivery. This tool gives users access to a variety of documents and tools quickly and easily, therefore improving productivity and reducing the time it would typically take to seek out a specific item. This tool is also available across different types of technology and handheld devices, therefore improving accessibility. 

PTC Arbortext Suite Support

Three types of support packages are available for PTC Arbortext customers. They include the GOLD Support Package, the Goldplus Support Package and the PLATINUM Support Package. Feature availability and response times vary based on the selected package, but having one of these tools is required when attempting to receive software assistance.

mail_outlineEmail: Online support is available 24/7. A support package is required to use web-based support for the PTC Arbortext system.
phonePhone: PTC Technical Support is available Monday through Friday in local time zones and languages. In North and South America, support is active from 8 a.m. until 8 p.m. EST. For other countries, when support in a local language such as Spanish, Mandarin or Portuguese is not active, English is the available language.
schoolTraining: PTC University is an online learning tool where customers can look at tutorials and complete online classes. Live classes are also available in-person or online. A Starter Success Plan package is included in the cost of a software subscription and consists of an online success guide, onboarding assistance over the first 90 days and ongoing adoption monitoring. This may also include best practice advice and escalation of technical issues.
local_offerTickets: Ticket submission is available online through the Technical Support Case Logger, Customer Care Case Logger and Web Account Support Case Logger among other ticketing systems.

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