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Why use Aras?

Key differentiators & advantages of Aras

  • Control of Entire Lifecycle: Aras gives users control of the entirety of the product design lifecycle, from the time a product idea is conceptualized to final delivery. 
  • Adaptability: Users can tailor business processes within the system to adhere to their company’s unique requirements. 
  • Consistency: Information is centralized in Aras, making it easier for users to see the most up-to-date product specifications. This allows business processes and product development to become more consistent. 
  • Collaboration: With this program, users can track and manage changes while retaining visibility of product status. 

Industry Expertise

Aras is a beneficial solution for a variety of business sectors. Some industries that it serves include energy, aerospace and defense, medical devices, food and beverage, automotive, industrial manufacturing, chemical, pharmaceutical, healthcare, consumer goods, education, transportation and logistics, shipbuilding and high-tech electronics.

Key Features

  • ALM Integration: Aras can be integrated with existing ALM environments to develop a singular visualization of a variety of products. This feature is also connected to processes such as change management and BOM. With this connectivity, the source code is managed within the ALM program. 
  • Bill of Materials: The program controls the bill of materials across the entire supply chain. Aras Innovator provides visibility in a centralized location and leverages information from multiple sources to aid in the development of insights. With this tool, users can develop structured, multi-level bills of materials associated with each product lifecycle stage. The system also syncs with MBOMs and EBOMs to give users visibility of cross-disciplinary change statuses. 
  • Change Management: This tool controls assessments, change requests, orders and plans. It gives all users throughout the supply chain visibility of engineering change status through the automatic capture and recording of change histories. The program also contains automated impact analysis, group voting, escalation, delegation, standard best-practice templates created using CM2 principles and more. 
  • Component Engineering: The component engineering feature streamlines the approval, selection, compliance and sourcing workflows for electronic components. The program offers real-time technical data. It contains information on obsolescence and compliance from millions of board-level components gathered from global manufacturers as well. The system includes basic and parametric search functionality along with color indicators, alerts for aspects such as EOL and PCN, IPC 1752A material declaration and compliance with RoHS and REACh. 
  • Configuration Management: The system maintains a hierarchical set of data from the entirety of a product or system’s lifecycle. The program contains configuration identification, status accounting, control and verification. It can also track baselines at different lifecycle stages, including as-built and as-designed. It also sends users email notifications and reminders to keep them updated and on-track with product developments. 
  • Document Management: Aras stores all important documents in a centralized location that is both searchable and secure. The system supports multiple file formats, and version and change control are included for all documents. Some supported file types include PDF, Microsoft Office and TIF. Full-text search mode makes finding relevant information simpler, and user access can be restricted on a user level. 
  • Manufacturing Process Planning: This solution supports MBOM, graphical and concurrent process plans and work instruction authoring. It also offers automatic real-time reconciliation of EBOM/MBOM. Process plans are version-controlled through this tool and contain information regarding parts consumed, steps, skills, resources utilized, etc. MBOMs and process plans for specific plants are available as well. 

Aras Suite Support

Aras offers tutorials, training courses and more for its customers. Information can be crowdsourced, and forums can be accessed to help users increase their knowledge of the program.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can receive support online through the Subscriber Portal, which also includes special tools and utilities to improve usability.
phonePhone: Subscribers can use a live hotline from Aras to ask questions and receive assistance.
schoolTraining: Tutorials and other materials are easily accessible to users looking to learn more about the program. More comprehensive training is also available via consulting services and training classes that customers can opt into if needed.
local_offerTickets: Users can open support cases online through the Subscriber Portal.

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