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Benefits and Insights


Key differentiators & advantages of 3DEXPERIENCE

  • Bulk Personalization: 3DEXPERIENCE offers mass customization that enables users to swiftly adjust requested products, improve the supervision of materials and resources, diminish stock and upkeep costs and reach new levels of client gratification. 
  • Accurate Analysis: 3DEXPERIENCE provides accurate analysis and testing tools to ensure users' products are efficient and can handle life-like scenarios. 
  • Prompt Construction Information: Users can share precise product and product build information in real-time with stakeholders, thus boosting production time and quality.  
  • Develop Accurate Prototypes: 3DEXPERIENCE authorizes users to evaluate and share the right version of a product or prototype to employ full transparency of a project's status consistently.  

Industry Expertise

Stemming from Dassault Aviation, Dassault Systemes was founded in 1981 to assist engineers in creating three-dimensional parts and products. The company's mission is to offer its clientele with sustainable creations and the capability to unify products, nature, and life. 3DEXPERIENCE, one of many platforms from Dassault Systemes, was launched in 2012 and gained an outreach of more than 250,000 business customers and 100 million online users throughout various industries such as manufacturing, aerospace and defense, construction and more.

Key Features

  • 3D Creator: 3DEXPERIENCE's 3D creator module is on the cloud so users are always employing the latest version on all of their devices. This module enables users to display and comprehend their ideas with parametric 3D models of parts and constructions. Users can also work together with internal or external stakeholders with full design and file access control, product review, lightweight visualization and more with this accessory.  
  • 3D Innovator: The 3D innovator tool permits users to draft and exchange mechanical designs anywhere on any device. Users can utilize a natural, easily comprehensive 3D modeling element to design products. This accessory allows users to only share what they want and manage what other team members, executives or customers do with the design data.  
  • Aesthetical Shape Modeler: Users can employ the aesthetical shape modeler to work with particular surface modeling, reverse engineering operations and analytic tools to formulate new surface qualities. This accessory contains subdivision surfaces, technical surfaces and advanced explicit surface modeling elements to provide a range of surfaces to apply to a product and improve its quality.  
  • Asset Quality Analyst: 3DEXPERIENCE's asset quality analyst feature aids quality managers and engineers generate and activate defensive maintenance actions to dodge potential issues. This accessory is equipped with lessons-learned intelligence that users can present to design, engineer and manufacture groups for evaluation. Users can also use this tool to help support engineers in rectifying existing issues found in their merchandise.  
  • Business Analytics Manager: Users can implement the business analytics manager to promptly craft new analytic reviews of their company. The drag-and-drop capabilities permit users to establish multi-dimensional widget creation and filter widgets when searching for deeper insights. Users can save and share widgets apply widget dashboarding, and define a widget's structure and layout.  
  • Business Innovation: The business innovation tool enables users to engage their clientele in the early stages of the brainstorming process. Users can seamlessly review and mull over priceless critiques from clientele and executives. This accessory enables users to improve the quality and productivity of a product by sharing it with the right people. Users can also use this component to retrieve and review data throughout the company instead of just perusing nearby or obsolete data.   
  • Change Management:  Users can implement the change management tool to install a joint change process throughout all sectors to visibly convey alteration choices to all affected departments and companies. This tool can synchronize and conduct change situations such as product leadership and work-in-progress procedures that still retain rigorous controls and tracking. Users can also define a set of change principles and methods for their whole company to practice.  
  • Defect Engineer: 3DEXPERIENCE's Defect Engineer enables users to oversee and solve issues and defects expeditiously. This module employs automatic installations of development instances, maintenances of program and file caches and synchronizations of product and module structures. Users can register growth areas within the company, differentiate between defects and product revisions, conduct defect impact analyses and trace defect resolutions formulated within defect actions. This feature offers consolidated tool suites and supervision of module arrangement settings.  
  • Demand Planner: Users can employ the demand planner to systemize data for forecasting and estimates with the demand planner accessory. This tool permits users to instantly assemble or take apart data to review and revise them, carry out several statistical prediction procedures, enhance their organization's PLM with fresh product introductions, supervise estimation accuracy and draft what-if situations and contemplating their impact on business KPIs. This accessory can also encompass promotional events and opportunities into a sales prediction.  
  • Electrical and Electronics Architect: 3DEXPERIENCE is equipped with an electrical and electronics architect accessory that extends a centralized hub to display electrical, electronics and software engineering information. Users can allocate tasks on hardware and software elements such as network definitions to enhance their electrical and electronics architecture network. 
  • Exchange Manager: The exchange manager module enables users to brace and protect offline collaboration within the chain of quality. Users can pinpoint and recycle insights with this accessory's natural components using real-time internet protocol (IP) on virtually any location.  
  • Fluid Dynamics Engineer: The fluid dynamics engineer accessory conducts regular fluid computations to direct repetitive design revisions. This tool doesn't need intricate high-level simulation expertise or information to perform well. Users can utilize this module to boost designs and expand flow distribution and dwindle pressure loss and turbulence. 
  • Fasteners Designer: A fastener instantly connects or fuses two or more pieces of equipment together. Users can apply the fasteners designer to determine, steer and initiate fasteners seamlessly for any type of fastening technology. This element recognizes clashes between a fastener and a part or between two or more fasteners as well as locate and distinguish fasteners and fastened parts. Users can use this tool to deplete errors and assembly times by employing company rules and standard checks when tracing and studying millions of fasteners and fastener links.  

3DEXPERIENCE Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users may email [email protected] for support.
phonePhone: Users may call +1 (877) 334 2551 for USA-Canada customer support. Their business hours are 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. EST and they also offer 24/7 phone support for cloud priority cases.
schoolTraining: 3DEXPERIENCE offers elaborate training materials. Users can design and define their own courses, receive assessments and performance tests to ensure they understand the ins and outs of the platform, receive further coaching after training, enroll in the certification program to become a professional, peruse 24/7 e-learning course from virtually any location and review 3DEXPERIENCE's thorough course catalogs.
local_offerTickets: Users may fill out a help ticket by going to the Submit a Request tab on the 3ds website and logging into the 3DSupport App or the DSx.Client Care.