Benefits and Insights

Why use Reflektive?

Key differentiators & advantages of Reflektive

  • Transparency: Set goals to public so the whole staff can view your progress and look at your reports for insights. Ensure employees and managers are always on the same page with check ins and 1:1s. Provide a clear view of performance with real-time feedback and performance reviews.  
  • Ease of Use: Access your performance management tools anywhere, anytime — Reflektive is a web-based software. It’s user-friendly with an intuitive interface that’s designed to be easy to use. The system autosaves your work. 
  • Integration: Integrate with the HRIS tools you’re already using like Workday or BambooHR. It integrates with Slack, Outlook, Gmail and more. 
  • Establish a Culture of Feedback:: Facilitate quality conversations that frequently occur with check-ins and 1:1s. The recognition wall provides the opportunity to share positive feedback. 
  • Configuration:  Configure performance reviews and reports to accomplish specific goals. 
  • Track Issues: Uncover and track underlying issues at your organization with the anonymous employee surveys and polls provided in the employee engagement module. 

Industry Expertise

Reflektive serves 500+ customers. The system is designed for organizations with 50-1,000+ employees.

Key Features

  • Feedback Tools: Facilitate a culture of continuous feedback. Write feedback in Outlook, Slack or Gmail to be posted on the recognition wall for the whole team to read and use filters to see the information that’s relevant to you. View historical feedback and plug data directly into performance reviews. 
  • Goal Management: Set goals as public or private, view goal reports, use check-ins to pull up goals and talk about progress, recall real-time feedback for visibility and adjust goals as needed. 
  • Check-Ins: The check-in feature allows managers to construct questions for their employees to answer. It facilitates light conversations between managers and employees. 
  • Analytics and Reporting: Access data and visualizations by department, location and other sub-groups. Uncover biases, pinpoint achievements and view compensation information. 
  • Performance Reviews: Create performance reviews with the option to customize question types and anonymity settings. The system autosaves reviews and displays them in an intuitive format. Reflektive integrates with HRIS technologies such as BambooHR and Workday. 
  • 1:1 Meetings: Talk through Slack, email, Reflektive or mobile devices to set 1:1 agendas. Track conversations by date, follow-up on past items, use the system’s conversation starters and mark topics as discussed. You can tie 1:1s back to goals and feedback. 
  • Employee Engagement: The employee engagement module provides anonymous surveys for employees to submit feedback on your organization. Gain access to HR insights with year-round surveys and polls. 

Reflektive Suite Support

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