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Why use Oracle HCM Cloud?

Key differentiators & advantages of Oracle HCM Cloud

  • 30-Day Free Trial: Oracle HCM Cloud offers a free trial to help users decide whether adopting it would be good for their business. It provides $300 as free credits, with access to several Oracle Cloud services. These include databases with up to 5 TB of storage, analytics, compute, the container engine for Kubernetes, infrastructure, app development, content and experience, management and security, and integration. 
  • Improve Business Agility: The software helps businesses be more agile by aligning strategy with organizational goals and priorities and offering great ease of configuration. 
  • Enhance Operations: It offers end-to-end functionalities to help with recruiting, core HR, talent management, payroll, time tracking and worklife solutions. This results in quicker and smarter decisions, maximized results, greater productivity and lower costs. 
  • Make Intelligent Decisions: Oracle HCM’s AI technology suggests learning, recommends roles and offers other predictions that can be essential to the business’s day-to-day functioning. 
  • Encourage Employee Engagement and Productivity: The software uses technologies that lead to enhanced employee engagement and productivity. It helps create humanized experiences via digital assistants, conversational UI, self-guided transactions and intuitive workflows across all devices. 
  • Engage Customers: Using this software, users can build simple chatbots as well as advanced digital assistants that enable improved customer engagement with the business. 
  • Optimize Business Efforts: Oracle HCM enables organizations to quickly and effectively implement changes. Decision-makers can leverage predictive analytics, data modeling and reporting tools that help improve business choices and optimize operations. 
  • Decrease Time-to-Hire: Recruiters can minimize the time invested in hiring by using employee referrals, leveraging recruitment marketing techniques and streamlining onboarding processes. 
  • Cultivate Talent: Employers are equipped to assess and encourage talent, identify successors, create talent pools and support employee career enhancement plans. 
  • Enhance Employee Performance: The software provides modern employee performance management through ongoing conversations and practices to align goals with expectations, frequent performance reviews, training and coaching. 
  • Adapt as Needed: The solution offers improved flexibility and agility that equips businesses to stay competitive in changing environments, through its workforce modeling and org charts. 

Industry Expertise

More than 18,000 customers all around the world rely on Oracle HCM Cloud. Although Oracle supports companies of all sizes, it has a specialized HCM product for mid-sized companies. It serves industries such as healthcare, banking and financial, public sector, professional services, construction, real estate, oil and gas, and retail.

Key Features

  • Global Human Resources: Oracle HR Cloud enables companies to meet their unique workforce management needs at a global level. The software helps manage global, local and industry-specific considerations and drive efficiencies across different cultures, work environments and countries. Its functionalities include worklife solutions, an HR help desk, a workforce directory, strategic workforce planning, workforce modelling, predictions, payroll and benefits management. 
  • Employee Information: Using the software, employees can manage their personal information, benefit enrollments, absences and leaves, as well as view reimbursement slips and total compensation. 
  • Worker Lifecycle: This feature supports end-to-end employee management — hiring, management and termination — keeping applicable legislations and global practices in view. 
  • Rule-Driven Processing: The suite helps organizations manage unions, collective labor, worker agreements and policies, all while staying compliant. 
  • Talent Management: The talent management cloud provides tools to empower the talent lifecycle stages so employers can hire the right people, nurture growth and employee development, manage succession and more. 
  • AI Apps: Artificial intelligence and data-driven functionalities improve the candidate pool quality, increase employee engagement, decrease time-to-hire and optimize organizational processes. 
  • Advanced HCM Controls: The function helps control exception workflows, automate analysis to help comply with privacy regulations like GDPR and prevent payroll errors. 
  • Workforce Management: The workforce management solutions help talent managers to build an agile workforce through effortless tracking of time and labor, time calculation, cost control and managed compliance risks. 


At the time of this review, user feedback indicates the following limitations of Oracle HCM Cloud:

  • Some users find integration as well as data extraction challenging to execute. 
  • Several users think that the software’s user interface could have been better. 

Oracle HCM Cloud Suite Support

For online support, users can navigate to the My Oracle Support page, where they can find answers in the Oracle support knowledge base, engage with My Oracle Community, download the latest software updates and more. To access support services on My Oracle Support, users need to have purchased support, activated cloud subscription, or have an active cloud trial license.

mail_outlineEmail: No information is available.
phonePhone: Users from the United States can call 1.800.223.1711 for technical or nontechnical questions regarding their supported Oracle products, product downloads, the support portal, or related support questions. Dedicated support hotlines can be found on the website’s Support Page for users from other countries.
schoolTraining: Oracle HCM Cloud offers resource pages to developers, startups, students and educators. Self-training is available through trending blogs, newsletters, software magazines, documents, solutions, tutorials, learning libraries, live SaaS training and open online courses.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit, edit or review service requests through the support portal.

Oracle HCM Cloud Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

730 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on the aggregate of reviews from the sources above, the following pros and cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Record Maintenance: Reviews mentioning records unanimously noted that Oracle HCM Cloud maintains accurate and reliable employee records, minimizing distortion while enhancing integrity and record safety.
  • Data Security: 100% of users who refer to security suggested that the system provides strong security, increased visibility and data privacy.
  • Mobile-Friendly: All reviews referencing mobility state that the solution can be easily deployed on mobile devices to help improve the user experience.
  • Dashboards: The system has interactive and easy-to-build dashboards, according to 100% of user reviews who mention this feature.
  • Integration: Integration with other systems is easy because of great box adapters and APIs, as observed by 75% of users referring to this feature.
  • User-Friendly: The platform is intuitive, helping new users quickly understand and use its features and tools, according to all reviewers who mention usability.


  • Reporting: All reviews about reporting indicated that the software needs additional features and real-time functionality, and that accessing the database through reports is cumbersome.
  • Workflow Creation: 100% of users who mention this aspect suggested that some workflows need to be customizable and that BPM workflow designs could be improved to make configuration easier.
  • Configurability: There aren’t a lot of configuration options and setting them up can be confusing for new users, according to 75% of reviews that reference this feature.
  • Steep Learning Curve: 80% of reviewers who mention this element indicated that the solution is quite challenging to adopt for new users and requires some technical knowledge.
  • Internet Connectivity: Users need a stable internet connection for some of the modules to work as they should, as stated by all reviewers who note this aspect.

Researcher's Summary:

Oracle HCM Cloud effectively caters to the human capital management requirements of all kinds and sizes of business. It can be difficult to configure initially and involves a learning curve. Users also noted the referral tracking, interview feedback and job offer workflows lacked customization, and that its reporting required better functionality. However, the software offers easy integration, mobile access and user-friendly dashboards, along with great management, maintenance and security so users can be assured about privacy. These pros make it a fine choice, especially for companies with the in-house IT skills needed to deploy and manage it successfully.

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