Benefits and Insights

Why use Lattice?

Key differentiators & advantages of Lattice

  • Build a Feedback Culture: The Lattice platform is designed to facilitate a feedback culture with features that open lines of communication and schedule regular conversations. From automation capabilities to integrations to other applications, Lattice ensures that feedback becomes a part of your workflow. 
  • Reinforce Cultural Strength and Alignment: Lattice incorporates company values into the performance management process to help reinforce cultural strength and alignment. This can encourage employees to associate their personal achievements with the success of the entire company.  
  • Stay Engaged: Lattice is designed to ensure that your performance management efforts won’t fall through the cracks. Automated performance reviews, visible goals, integrations to other applications and other system features help users remember what they need to do and when. 
  • Develop Actionable Insights: With goal management and OKRs, Lattice helps users identify actionable insights so they can set realistic but ambitious goals and create a plan for accomplishing them. The data provides users with a clear understanding of what’s possible and how individual achievements will impact the company as a whole.  
  • Flexibility: The Lattice platform is designed to adapt to users’ needs with each feature providing a variety of options which allows users to personalize their performance management processes. 

Industry Expertise

Lattice is designed for HR professionals in multiple industries.

Key Features

  • Performance Reviews: Whether you prefer a quarterly or annual review cycle, Lattice can adapt to your processes. The system offers 360 feedback and self, manager and direct report feedback. It offers project-based reviews and automated reviews. Users can choose to customize their reviews or use expert templates. 
  • 1:1 Meetings: With Lattice 1:1 meetings, employees and managers have weekly meetings that can be set at a custom cadence and changed whenever needed. The meetings follow a predetermined agenda that the managers and employees put together beforehand. During the meeting Lattice asks users to take notes on the key points and next steps which they’ll follow up on afterwards. Managers have access to a Team Dashboard which displays their upcoming meetings. 
  • Employee Recognition: Lattice emphasizes the importance of praise and recognition in employee development with this feature. The public praise wall allows users to celebrate accomplishments across the entire company. The system prompts the user to ask which company values the employee displayed. A praise Slack channel brings feedback into the flow of work. 
  • Goals and OKRs: Goals are integrated into workflows so they’re always visible, helping users to keep goals at the front of their mind. The analytics and reporting capabilities help goals become actionable insights.  
  • Feedback: Integratable with Slack, Lattice Mobile and your email provider, the system makes feedback capabilities easily accessible. In addition, feedback is kept in one central location so users can review historical feedback. 
  • Updates: The updates feature sends employees a weekly questionnaire which checks in with their work progress, how they’re feeling and what they may need help with. The questionnaires can be customized and scheduled to come out whenever you so choose. Public updates are intended for a company-wide check-in while private updates are for checking in with how your team is doing.  

Lattice Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected]
phonePhone: There is no phone number available for support at this time.
schoolTraining: The Lattice Help Center provides articles for navigating the system. They also have a pop-up chat option on their site.
local_offerTickets: There is no information about tickets at this time.

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