Benefits and Insights

Why use Impraise?

Key differentiators & advantages of Impraise

  • Establish Feedback Culture: Impraise software is built to establish a culture of feedback at your organization. Timely, regular communication ensures employees are on the same page and encourages development. Employees are able to grow and improve faster when they’re regularly receiving feedback instead of on a quarterly or annual basis.  
  • Company Alignment: The system promotes company alignment by providing visualization of how individual, team and company goals collaborate to reach company objectives. 
  • Efficient, Personalized Review Process: The performance review feature helps users quickly put together custom reviews, saving your organization time and energy that could be allocated to performing the review itself. Personalization ensures you’re able to tailor reviews to satisfy your unique requirements. 
  • Facilitate Productive Conversations: Impraise is designed to facilitate more robust check-in conversations with predetermined talking points and actionable insights. Productive conversations lead to better follow-through rates and encourage change. 
  • You Should Count On Reminders: The automated email and mobile notification system reminds users of any pending tasks they may have within the system. 

Industry Expertise

Impraise is designed for HR teams that want to establish a feedback culture. They serve a variety of industries, such as the IT industry, retail and the media.

Key Features

  • Performance Reviews: Impraise offers a couple of performance review templates as well as the option to create your own custom template. From the classic performance review to engagement surveys, 360 reviews, leadership reviews and self-assessments, users have different review formats to choose and write their questions from. The system allows you to save frequently used custom templates. 
  • 1:1 Meetings: A dedicated shared space within the system and an Impraise Topics Library allows users to prepare for and collaborate on 1:1 conversations. The system can provide quick links to put on the calendar event and can notify you when a user adds a new note to your 1:1 agenda. The activity report tells you who has set up 1:1s and what agenda items need action. 
  • Goal Management: Users can view individual, team and company goals all in one place. You can assign goals to owners with due dates and update goal statuses as users make progress. Track and share progress, request feedback on a goal and stay on top of goals with smart reminders and note sharing. 
  • Real-Time Feedback: The system allows you to recognize accomplishments from your browser, mobile device or through Slack. Individuals may set up a collection of skills and competencies relevant to their position and then request feedback directly related to those skills. You can request feedback in real-time, for example, immediately after closing a sale or finishing a project. With this proactive approach, you don’t need to wait for your next scheduled meeting with your manager to get their opinion on your work.  
  • Check-Ins: Managers can set a cadence for check-ins to ensure they’re conducted on a regular basis. It automatically generates reports after check-ins to assist with follow-up and coaching efforts. 
  • Insights and Analytics: Reports are sharable and you’re able to view a holistic overview of performance by your team. They’re automatically generated after reviews and conversations, and help you track performance trends and predict future issues.  
  • Mobile App: Impraise employs a mobile-first approach and provides a mobile app so users can access system features from their smartphone.  

Impraise Suite Support

Impraise has a customer success team of HR and change management experts that help their customers with creating their own performance management processes as well as implementation services. There is no information concerning technical support available on their website.
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