Benefits and Insights

Why use Culture Amp?

Key differentiators & advantages of Culture Amp

  • Customization: You are able to customize your performance review questions to meet the needs of different teams. You can also customize your performance review forms with options for a rating scale model, multiple choice questions and open ended questions. 
  • Bias Mitigation: You have access to year-round feedback, self-reflections, notes and goal tracking when it's time for performance reviews. The built-in review templates ensure consistency and yield objective evaluations. 
  • Progressive Feedback Approach: The system is designed to facilitate ongoing feedback that is traded between all coworkers, not just managers to employees. This is known as 360 feedback, a style of performance management is a cutting-edge HR practice. 
  • Employee Development: Weekly feedback drives behavioral change and gives employees the instruments to develop individually. Additionally, you are able to provide resources for development within the platform. 
  • Refined Communication: The system automatically prompts employees to provide feedback and can automate most necessary communication. Not only is communication regular but the feedback functionality is designed to yield thoughtful, honest and productive conversations. 
  • Improved Employee Experience: With Culture Amp, employees can receive regular, scheduled feedback and a platform to voice their concerns. It also highlights areas where they have room to develop and grow. This enables your company to improve the employee experience.  

Industry Expertise

Culture Amp is used by 2,500 companies worldwide, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. Notable customers they serve are McDonalds, Airbnb, Yelp and Adobe.

Key Features

  • Ongoing Feedback: You can send feedback after a project or allow the recommendation engine to automatically send requests for you. An individual effectiveness 360 survey allows users to request feedback from peers and managers, as well as offer feedback to others.nbsp;
  • Performance Reviews: The system provides access to year-round feedback, self-reflections, 1:1 notes and goal tracking for usage in performance reviews. You can customize the performance review forms and the questions you include.  
  • Goal Management: Users can set and track goals, align goals with company objectives, track progress, leave comments, or flag bottlenecks that require attention. 
  • Skills Inventory: This feature allows you to view the skills of each employee. This can help you get a clear understanding of skills at the team and organizational level.  
  • Analytics and Reporting: You can tailor reporting by filtering evaluation data based on departments, performance levels and other criteria. The reporting capability lets you highlight strengths and areas for improvement. 

Culture Amp Suite Support

Culture Amp has a multitude of resources in the Help section of their website.

mail_outlineEmail: Send an email to [email protected]
phonePhone: Phone support is not available.
schoolTraining: The system has a training center where you are able to take courses on demand, register for live training, learn about product updates and access other resources for navigating the platform. The training center is accessible by clicking the “Help” button within the platform or by going to

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