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Why use WebHR?

Key differentiators & advantages of WebHR

  • Increased Accuracy: With attendance, punch in and punch out functions and HR all covered in one centralized system, it can track employee time and where and when people are logging in from. This increases accuracy and ensures more uniformity in the data.
  • More Cost-Effective: The solution streamlines the payroll, HR, recruiting, onboarding and other processes freeing up HR time. By locating, hiring and getting workers acclimated expediently, it frees up HR to focus their time in other, more important areas.
  • Better Employee Retention: An efficient onboarding makes new hires more likely to stay at an organization. By making the recruiting process easier and faster, it decreases turnover and makes workers more likely to succeed.
  • Better Data: Through the solution’s analytics and comprehensive reporting, users can gain a better understanding of their workforce through information from timesheets, payroll, learning solutions and other profile information.

Industry Expertise

WebHR was co-founded by tech entrepreneurs from Pakistan Anna Naveed and Naveed Memon in 2011. The solution is a key industry player in multiple reports including the, ‘Global HCM Software Market 2020 Industry Analysis, Opportunities & Forecast To 2026’ report, the ‘Applicant Tracking Software Market 2020,’ report and the ‘Artificial Intelligence (AI) Software Market’ research report.

It was rated 3/5 in a 2019 review from PC Magazine by Michelle Rafter who said, “WebHR is human resources (HR) management software that offers a good, free option for small companies.”

Key Features

  • Payroll Management: The solution handles payroll processing, direct deposit, check printing, taxes, payslips and other compensation functions.
  • Reporting: It provides reporting capabilities, including custom fields, a generator for reports and graphs and other data intelligence functions. This can also create an audit trail that tracks budgets, schedules, sales and other employee metrics.
  • Attendance: The solution allows workers to track time via computer, tablet, PC or mobile on iOS and Android. On the administrative side, users can see who is working on which projects in real-time to plan shifts. The geofencing makes sure that workers are clocking in within a certain range of the office and also offers photo capabilities. By taking photos, users can be sure their employees are really clocking in themselves and not punching in a friend.
  • Biometrics: It can use biometrics devices or devices that use physical characters for identification, for attendance. The solution integrates with vendors such as Anviz, Hyvision Technology, LLC, ZKTeco and more.
  • Time Clock Kiosks: For offices that need a physical interface for time clocks, the solution offers time clock software that gets hooked into a tablet and put in the most convenient places for clocking in and out. Through photo capabilities, it also helps prevent people from clocking others in.
  • Integrations: The solution integrates with several applications including Amazon Alexa, Cortana, Dropbox, Freshbooks, G Suite, LinkedIn, Microsoft, Paychex, Slack, SurePayroll, Quickbooks and Xero.
  • Training: Employers can run learning management within the platform’s system. It helps users identify those who are under or over-performing and offer online training to workers who may lack certain skills.
  • HR Forms: Workers can create and design forms and then attach workflows as needed.
  • Surveys: The solution allows employers to conduct dynamic surveys to receive feedback, modify processes and increase engagement.
  • Onboarding: New hires can access and manage their paperwork through multiple devices. The system gives them notifications until they’ve completed their work. HR workers can assign tasks to new hires and approve and store the data after the process is complete.
  • Security: The platform offers multiple allowances for security. It uses 256-bit SSL encryption with strong algorithms to safeguard the information transfer. The platform has secure architecture and backs up vital info to an off-site location. Its data centers follow ISO27001, ISAE 3402 Type II, PCI DSS and SOC1 standards.
  • Recruiting: It includes an Applicant Tracking System to make the hiring process more efficient.
  • Online Signatures: The platform allows users to sign paperwork virtually. Users can sign PDFs and other documents from multiple devices, with several signatures. This also includes some document management capabilities.
  • Goals: It helps create and track Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic and Timely goals (sometimes known as SMART goals).
  • Benefits: Workers can submit claims, register life events, do compliance reporting, select providers and run all other benefits. This includes education and disability, vision, health and life insurance.
  • Mobile: The platform has a mobile app for Android and iOS so users can check in from anywhere.
  • Worker Enrollment: The system walks employees through enrollment in benefits plans and bundles importing and exporting necessary data.
  • Background Check: Users can background check potential hires through TransUnion.
  • Other Capabilities: The solution offers a few other functions that don’t fall under other categories including leave management, job portals and employee portals and performance reviews.


Some of the product limitations include:

  • It’s only free for up to five employees

Suite Support

Everyone gets standard support when they use the solution. There’s also priority support for those who pay more. The website doesn’t detail what’s included in Priority Support. Employees will reply within several hours or one to two business days depending on availability. For other questions, there’s an email, live chat, support tickets, Skype, an online form and a blog with general information.

mail_outlineEmail: Email [email protected] for support questions or [email protected] for sales questions.
phonePhone: People can reach support at +1 (801) 901-0090. The company asks users to leave a callback number along, time zone and callback time.
schoolTraining: It doesn’t appear to offer any formal training to use the solution.
local_offerTickets and Live Chat: Users can reach out through support tickets, live chat and Skype.

WebHR Reviews

Average customer reviews & user sentiment summary:

587 reviews


of users would recommend this product

Synopsis of User Ratings and Reviews

Based on an aggregate of reviews taken from the sources above, the following pros & cons have been curated by a SelectHub Market Analyst.


  • Useful Recruiting Tools: Over 90% of reviewers that mentioned the recruiting features were pleased with features like the job posts, candidate profiles and resumes.
  • Excellent Features: In more than 90% of reviews that discussed the features, the users loved various features such as leave management, performance management, employee and data management, reporting and employee training.
  • Affordable: Over 80% of reviewers who mentioned price said the solution was worth the expense.
  • Good Customer Service: In more than 80% of reviews that mentioned the support, users felt they were friendly, prompt and helpful.
  • Great Time and Attendance: Users were happy with the time and attendance features in over 80% of the reviews that mentioned this feature.
  • Easy to Use: Over 70% of users who mentioned usability felt it was easy to learn.


  • Integration Issues: Users who discussed the software’s integration function were dissatisfied in more than 80% of reviews.
  • Buggy Program: Over 80% of posts that discussed how the program ran said they ran into bugs.
  • Outdated UI: While many users found the program easy to use, over 60% of reviewers who discussed it said it had a dated design.
  • Poor Mobile App: Just under 60% of users who discussed the app said it had issues, especially on mobile.

Researcher's Summary:

WebHR is a payroll and HR services software. Overall, users were happy with its features and functionality and felt happy with the service. They said it was easy to learn and adapt to the workplace, though the design was dated at times. Its payroll, time and attendance, HR management and recruiting tools were especially well-reviewed. Some smaller businesses used it in lieu of hiring an outside service to manage their business.

Users had issues with the integrations, in particular, finding it difficult to integrate with other programs. They also ran into issues with its mobile functionality, which they said had a less intuitive design. Occasionally, they also found bugs. Overall, it’s appropriate for businesses that want to outsource their HR services or make use of extra tools to evaluate, compensate and pay their employees.

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