Benefits and Insights

Why use Fingercheck?

Key differentiators & advantages of Fingercheck

  • Employee Engagement: Employees are able to monitor and control their personal information, allowing employees to engage directly with payroll processes. 
  • Secure Data: Data is stored externally from the users' servers and are backed up regularly ensuring no data is ever lost. 
  • Compliance: Fingercheck allows users to automate their payroll process and guarantee compliance with federal and state tax codes. Fingercheck can automatically calculate pay based on timesheet data, ensuring that there are no miscalculations or errors in payroll processing. 

Industry Expertise

Fingercheck serves clients in 35 states across all industries.

Key Features

  • Forms: This solution provides electronic forms that allow employees to self-onboard online. Users are also able to generate custom contracts and compliance documents. 
  • Reports: Fingercheck generates detailed payroll previews and reports. The system also assists with creating year-end reports, customized general ledger exports and tax form generation.  
  • Pay Options: The system is compatible with direct deposit and also offers a paycard option, which provides employees with a debit card that automatically reloads when payroll is processed. Fingercheck also assists with processing payroll for independent vendors and contractors.
  • Mobile Capability: Users are able to process payroll from their mobile device. The system also provides digital pay stubs which can be accessed from any device with internet connectivity.

Fingercheck Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users are able to submit support requests via email.
phonePhone: Fingercheck provides user support via phone.
schoolTraining: The Help Desk portal can be accessed through Fingercheck’s website to assist with user self-learning. This portal provides users with digital resources and how-to guides.
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Fingercheck Reviews

The following reviews for Fingercheck are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Food & Beverage
2 - 9
Does what its supposed to! Works on mobile and desktop Easy to learn!
I would like a neater layout, it feels a little too much options and setting visible. Creating custom reports are is not so simple
Hospitality / Gaming / Travel
2 - 9
Software Advice
Awesome way to log into the phone. Makes life simple and takes remembering a password much easier and safer
The position is too high up on the device and logging into sites like banking there is no maximum amount of tries before being locked.
Healthcare / Social Services
20 - 49
The optimization and intuition of the software makes the overall package desirable. The biometric time clock is beneficial for security at the facility, and the comprehensiveness of the service provided are both great features.
The KnowledgeBase for customer support needs quite a bit of updating. It also is rather difficult to navigate the system without guidance, so a more responsive IT help desk would be ideal for this setup.
The time clock, scheduling, and HR support.
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