Benefits and Insights

Why use Solutionreach?

Key differentiators & advantages of Solutionreach

  • User Friendly:  Easy to navigate system with options to use pre-set best practice recommendations or customize to cater to specific needs. 
  • Streamline Daily Operations:  Optimize appointment scheduling and automate communications before, during and after the appointment to reduce manual tasks. 
  • Fill Open Appointments:  Get complete visibility into all practitioner and specialist schedules to fill open appointments efficiently. 
  • Get More Patients:  Use patient feedback, social reviews and referrals to get more patients and build loyalty. 
  • Improve Patient Satisfaction:  Maintain regular professional communication with patients, maintain records and offer care education to build patient satisfaction. 
  • Integrations:  Choose from over 500 practice management (PM) and electronic health record (EHR) system integrations to cover all requirements for smooth operations. 
  • Mobile App:  Communicate with patients for appointment setting and sharing messages and images through a HIPAA-compliant mobile app called PatientReach mobile. 

Industry Expertise

Solutionreach is used by many healthcare and medical service industry professionals and businesses. Serving specialties such as orthodontics, dental, dermatology, pediatrics, OB/GYN, optometric and more, it has thousands of users across the United States.

Key Features

  • Action List:  Enhance productivity and tick-off pending tasks with a dynamic action list. Review appointment confirmations, trigger messages, respond to texts and more. 
  • ASAP Waitlist:  Maintain a waitlist of patients who require a sooner appointment. In case of cancellation, fill open appointment slots by pushing wait-list messages to patients on the list. 
  • Automated Appointment Reminders:  Reduce no-show rates by sending automated appointment reminders through text, email or phone, with options for patients to confirm, cancel or reschedule. Add appointment-specific details to ensure that patients come prepared and on-time. 
  • Automated Recare Messages:  Automate and customize reminders for preventive and follow-up care for patients with chronic conditions to build patient loyalty and increase recall revenue. 
  • Group Messages:  Send customized group messages to a specific set of patients with a specific diagnosis. 
  • Missed Appointment Messaging:  In case of missed appointments, send automated messages to patients for rescheduling. 
  • Marketing Campaigns:  Create and send individual emails or drip campaigns to specific sets of patients to deliver the right message to the right people at the right time. 
  • Net Promoter Score:  Track patient satisfaction through net promoter scores, submitted by patients after an appointment and visible on the dashboard. 
  • Patient Newsletters:  Maintain communication with patients between visits through personalized and customized newsletters, so that they contain information relevant to their diagnosis and treatment. 
  • Patient Referrals:  Set up a Refer-a-Friend button and link on all patient communications to facilitate referrals. 
  • Patient Surveys:  Send automated patient surveys after an appointment to track satisfaction level and collect feedback on services. 
  • Product Notifications:  Send product notifications for patients to pick up products like contacts, glasses, supplements, cosmeceuticals and dental products. 
  • SR Conversations:  Stay HIPAA-compliant and facilitate real-time, two-way communication with patients. Enable landline for text messaging, track message history and prioritize messages for follow-ups. 
  • SR Huddle:  Create group communication channels for staff of specific patient groups to speed up communication and eliminate inefficiency or errors. 
  • SR Intake:  Manage and customize digital patient intake forms that patients can fill up prior to their appointment and share in advance to save time and ensure better services. 
  • SR Pay:  Get paid digitally and almost immediately through SR Pay by sending an electronic statement and secure payment link to patients via email and text.  
  • SR Smart Reviews:  Collect reviews and recommendations from satisfied patients with automated review requests and sync them to Facebook and Google to get more patients.  
  • SR Schedule:  Enable easy 24/7 online scheduling for patients on all channels such as website, social media pages, listing sites, texts and emails with SR Schedule. Sync existing patient data to determine if a patient is new or existing and adjust the required information to save time.  
  • SR Spotlight:  Identify inbound callers and get all relevant information, such as diagnosis, treatment, appointment history, balances and more by integrating SR Spotlight with the VoIP phone and practice management system. 


These limitations are current as of the writing of this review:

  •  Product is expensive 
  •  Customer support is disappointing 
  •  Newsletters are difficult to create 
  •  Forms and patient info do not sync automatically with EHR systems 

Suite Support

Solutionreach offers 24/7 support to its users through community and ticket submission. Phone and live online chat are available during business hours – from Monday to Friday, between 6:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. (Mountain Time).

mail_outlineEmail: Support email is hidden behind customer login.
phonePhone: Support phone numbers are hidden behind customer login.
schoolTraining: Training is offered via documentation, videos, walkthroughs and webinars. In-person training and implementation support can also be requested.
local_offerTickets: Users can submit a ticket via email or ticketing portal after logging into their account. Tickets are responded to in priority order.

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