Benefits and Insights

Why use QGenda?

Key differentiators & advantages of QGenda

  • Optimize Staffing: You can forecast staffing needs and ensure every shift is staffed correctly. This prevents exhausting any staff and making scheduling mistakes. 
  • Streamline Schedule Communication: Your schedule is always the latest version and it is available to all employees, anywhere they have an internet connection. Color coding further simplifies reading the schedule. 
  • Integrate With Key Platforms: The platform can integrate with EMR systems, clinical communications, resident management, revenue cycle management, payroll, time and attendance systems, and more. 
  • Save Time: You can build and optimize your schedule in minutes instead of days. The system lets you easily approve shift changes, which instantly reflect on the schedule for a real-time view.  
  • Stay Compliant: Customer data is kept in a certified data center. Industry best security standards ensure the protection of patients’ data, and therefore support HIPAA compliance. 
  • Receive Ongoing Product Support: 24/7 customer service is available, and every customer is supplied with a designated consultant. Customer service consultants are assigned by specialty. 
  • Reduce Labor Expenses: You can avoid overtime and overstaffed situations requiring provider payouts or forced vacation. These scheduling mistakes are common, but schedule automation helps eliminate human error. 
  • Improve Performance: An optimized schedule prevents fatigue and increases provider satisfaction, leading to better provider performance. 
  • Gain Real-Time Schedule Access: The mobile app ensures a current and accurate schedule will be available to all staff or providers at any time from any device. 

Industry Expertise

QGenda serves more than 3,000 customers in over 30 medical specialties. Academic medical centers, private practices, hospitals and health systems are among their customers. Clients include the U.S. Department of Veteran Affairs and the University of Colorado Medicine.

Key Features

  • Schedule Automation: The automated scheduler works around your provider's skills and needs to create an optimized schedule. The system is able to take vacations, rotations and clinic-specific information into account when designing the schedule.  
  • Swapping and Requesting: You can input vacations and no-call requests and the scheduler will work around them for you. It will also ensure providers have the correct skill set and FTE requirements for the task they are being assigned to. 
  • On-Call View: You can see the latest list of the on-call staff with information on how to best reach them. The list can be configured to show specific groups, locations, specialties and call types. 
  • Time and Attendance: Employees are able to punch in and out with their smartphone or desktop. Geo-verification ensures staff is clocking in and out at the right location. 
  • Compensation Management: A compensation engine supports healthcare-specific pay rules, and payroll-ready files are moved directly to the payroll processor. The system integrates with more than 20 payroll systems.  
  • Analytics and Reporting: You can create custom reports that show over/underuse of staff, overtime, incorrect staffing assignments and future forecasting needs. 

QGenda Suite Support

Email: Users can reach the support team via email using this address: [email protected]
Phone: To receive phone support, users can dial 855-399-9945, option 2.
Training: A QGenda engineer works with your organization to configure the program to meet your organization’s scheduling needs.

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