Benefits and Insights

Why use Tessitura?

Key differentiators & advantages of Tessitura

  • Easy Ticketing: Make transactions fast and efficient with a graphical interface that’s easy to navigate and handles everything from complex transactions to gift certificates. Get quick sales summaries with a unified ticket inventory. 
  • Mobility: Engage customers on mobile devices so they can purchase subscriptions, tickets and merchandise. Use flexible transaction paths and include donations, tickets, memberships and gift certificates in a single order. 
  • Efficient Admissions: Sell advance tickets for specific dates and times, set the capacity for facilities, events and time blocks, and set up timed admissions. 
  • Flexible Subscription Renewal: Offer renewable subscriptions in single or multiple venues and assign the same seats for every performance. Enable efficient renewal with suggested contributions in renewal notices. Provide full season, peel-off and customized packages. 
  • Managed Group Sales: Get an overview of constituents, set up payment plans, adjust ticket numbers as needed and save orders with deposits. Automate discounts based on criteria and streamline group check-in. 
  • Unified Data View: Make informed business decisions through consistent organizational data on behaviors and trends that’s accessible via self-service visual analysis. 
  • Accurate Insights: Track contributed and earned revenue through metrics, compare attendance patterns with previous years’ data and access all transactions via dashboard. Identify trends, make better decisions, and easily create maps, charts and other reports. 
  • Smooth Tablet Transactions:  Take donations, sell tickets and memberships, and process registrations from anywhere. Link transactions to customer records or process public sales quickly, ensuring secure payments. 
  • Enhanced Customer Service: Log customer feedback, assign follow-up tasks, gauge whether complaints are increasing and monitor resolution times. 
  • Personalized Communication: Let customers know of last-minute changes and send construction or parking reminders through push and email notifications. Location-based push notifications are based on patron preferences. 
  • Protected Individual Data: Keep data secure from searches, lists, common reports and more to protect individuals by choosing the type of protection and granting user access accordingly. 
  • Need Management: Meet students’ needs efficiently by collecting information about special services. Ensure a safe and positive educational experience by tracking school, health, parent, pick-up, waiver and other information. 
  • Better Relationships: Understand relationships with each customer through a unified platform that provides central access to information such as dietary needs, emergency contacts and other essential details. 
  • Enhanced Communications: Send the right information to the right recipients using targeted communications based on program participation, school affiliation, interests and more. 
  • Efficient Messaging: Use automated email, SMS messaging, mobile push notifications and other channels. 
  • Increased Revenue: Boost revenue and funding by analyzing educational data to create reports for internal stakeholders and outside funders. 
  • Smooth Sales and Transition: Handle high-volume sales during peak registration and incorporate forms to collect student and group data as part of the purchase and registration process. 
  • Easy Memberships: It’s easy to renew, upgrade and sell memberships, and members are eligible to make transactions and handle other functions on their own. Unlimited membership programs and levels are available. 

Industry Expertise

Serves organizations across history and culture, orchestras, museums and galleries, opera, theaters, science centers, public media, educational institutions, festivals, film centers, and more.

Key Features

  • Capacity Controlled Ticketing: Control venue and seat map setup, set exclusive inventory for customers and create an unlimited number of hold codes for internal inventory control, based on users’ security rights. 
  • Information Requests: Log and track customers’ requests for informational materials and fulfill outstanding requests automatically. Use these for targeted marketing efforts and other communications. 
  • Packages and Bundles: Create, manage, renew and upgrade different types of packages and bundles for lectures, special events, daily planning and concerts. Includes combo ticket deals, composite tickets with a single barcode, parking, dining and audio guides in packages, and automatic discounts based on products-in-cart. 
  • Interactive Dashboards: Make strategic business decisions by fetching data from flexible, advanced dashboards, accessible in any web browser. Offers visual analysis using sorting, filtering and drill-down capabilities, along with notifications of milestones and key moments. 
  • Reports: Create customized reports and build personalized dashboards to track KPIs. Integrate relevant third-party data and configure additional data elements for queries and outputs. 
  • Kiosks: Kiosk integration: 
    •  Streamlines visitor arrivals with automated ticket pickup and customer information capture. 
    •  Provides instant access to membership information and benefits through card scan or membership number. 
    •  Allows personalizing EMV-ready and PCI-compliant kiosks with graphics and desired features. 
  • On-Site Customer Service: Enable ticket validation for location-based services and notifications, as well as printed and digital tickets. Alerts for VIP entrance deliver personalized messages on time. 
  • Data Purge: Delete personally identifiable data from the system and review scheduled purges to see warnings for issues such as outstanding payments or upcoming activities. Control permissions for purging, notify third parties of data that’s being purged and review scheduled purges. 
  • Ticket Scanning: Scan traditional, print-at-home and mobile tickets as well as student tags using N-Scan, and manage timed entries. Validates membership, tracks member attendance, shows trends in attendance and benefits usage, and more. 
  • Check-in and Composite Tickets: Scan a single bar code to record attendance and scan group leader’s confirmation to load the order. A single bar code can represent multiple components including exhibits, performances, parking, classes, general admission and more. 
  • Virtual Experience: Expand reach to find prospects and strengthen relationships with local customers. Offer virtual tours and talks, videos or livestreams, and online camps and classes. Determine sales through configurable ticketing and ensure a seamless customer experience using digital content pages and online waiting rooms. 
  • Fundraising: Manage fundraisers, contributions and pledges, with essential tools available on mobile as well. Offers acknowledgment letters, invitation lists, guest tracking and attendance for special fundraising events. Configure payment schedules, funds, campaigns, appeals, donor levels and memberships according to specific needs. 
  • Targeted Marketing: Leverage social media marketing, connect with patrons on digital platforms and target the desired audience efficiently. Monitor efforts to figure out what’s working best, leverage budgets effectively and determine branding. 
  • TN Express Web: Leverage a secure and flexible web purchase path and maximize revenue with targeted upsell. Sell tickets, gift certificates, memberships, class registrations, donations and more. 
  • Retail: Sell products and merchandise directly through the system, using a flexible point-of-sale interface and an integrated shopping cart. Bundle products with tickets and admissions, offer discounts, create packages and configure upsell prompts for online and in-house sales. 
  • Resource Scheduling: Define and manage specific resources and bookings, view entries and assignments, and get an overview of bookings and assignments through comprehensive reports. 


These drawbacks, based on user feedback, are accurate at the time of this review:

  •  Mixed up dates lead to miscommunication between seller and buyer. 
  •  Difficult to transfer or search data with a few keywords, without specificity. 
  •  Data pull isn’t accurate. 
  •  Requires extensive training to use. 

Tessitura Software Suite Support

Documentation, getting started guides and help resources are available. Check webinars for interactive trainings, partner presentations, and updates on the network.

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phonePhone: +1 888-643-5778 x201.
schoolTraining: Online intro and fundamental courses are available online, along with personalized training and comprehensive courses on fundraising, memberships, ticketing, analytics and more.
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