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Since Salsa was founded in 2003, we’ve been driven by our passion to help social good organizations engage communities, raise funds, rally supporters, and change the world.

Over the last decade plus, the world has changed dramatically, and so has the way your supporters interact with you. People are energized like never before, but capturing their attention has never been so challenging. Your supporters have become overloaded with information from everywhere, and rising above all the digital and social noise to make your voice heard is difficult. They no longer respond to ‘one-size-fits-all’ outreach and instead expect personalized, relevant interactions both online and offline.

Until recently, only the largest organizations could afford such sophisticated, personalized communication tools. In 2015, Salsa merged with DonorPro, and the world's first supporter engagement platform was born. This changed the game for the 98% of nonprofits who desperately needed a modern, integrated solution. By unifying online supporter engagement and constituent relationship management on one platform, Salsa empowers nonprofits to target and segment rich supporter profiles, connect online and offline with relevant messages, convert supporter interest into action with online forms, and optimize outreach with built-in best practices.

Today, nonprofits of all types and sizes can do it all with Salsa, donor management, online fundraising, online advocacy, email marketing, social media marketing, peer to peer fundraising, event registration, and payment processing. With access to these powerful tools plus award-winning customer support, nonprofits across the world are boosting staff efficiency, deepening supporter relationships, and accelerating fundraising growth.

Donation Management Features
  • Campaign Management              
  • Donation Tracking              
  • Donor Database              
  • Event Management              
  • Gift Management              
  • Grant Management              
  • In-Kind Donations              
  • Matching Donations              
  • Mobile Donations              
  • Online Donations              
  • Pledge Management              
  • Receipts / Statements              
  • Recurring Donations              
  • Volunteer Management          

Fundraising Features                 
  • Alumni Management              
  • Auction Management              
  • Campaign Management              
  • Contribution Tracking              
  • CRM              
  • Donor Management              
  • Event Management              
  • Grant Management              
  • Membership Management              
  • Mobile Giving              
  • Payment Processing              
  • Planned Giving Management              
  • Pledge Management              
  • Prospect Management              
  • Recurring Giving              
  • Volunteer Management          

Nonprofit Features                                   
  • Donor Management                         
  • Event Management              
  • Fundraising Management              
  • Member Database              
  • Membership Management              
  • Social Media Management              
  • Volunteer Management          

Salsa CRM Reviews

The following reviews for Salsa CRM are taken from the SelectHub ReviewFeed which collects and aggregates reviews from across a variety of online review platforms.

Software Advice
Take off is rough
The sales pitch we got was exciting. Salsa has it all. I believe it will be the software that will help our little nonprofit get to the next level. I specifically liked the donor organization, peer-to-peer fundraising and their sophisticated automatic email options.
Such a slow start. I was pretty quick and aggressive about getting Salsa all the info they needed but it took them longer then a month until we could even use the software (some of this was due to the holiday season I'm sure). Salsa touted about offering the first month for free, but I couldn't even use it that month. When I asked if we could get another month for free since I couldn't even use the software for the first five weeks (sometimes those little victories make all the difference when you are convincing the board to switch software) the declined. The transition process is unnerving, like maybe I'm taking a step backward.
I have only been a Salsa customer for just less than six weeks. The salsa representatives I have talked with during the transition have been nice. I'm sure Salsa will end up being a great move, I just wish they were a faster and more empathetic toward our timelines and internal pressures.
20 - 49
Business Manager
Quick system, easy to navigate, affordable, great training materials, syncs with Constant Contact
I wish that we could upload contacts and donations from an excel spreadsheet into the system.
Great training and very friendly customer service. It was very easy to make our transition from our old CRM system to the new system. We love that Salsa CRM is affordable and it meets our needs.
2 - 9
A great CRM!
I initially looked at Salsa CRM because we were fed up with Raiser's Edge, and I had faith that better, and more affordable option exist! Salsa is that software for us. This CRM is user friendly, looks great, super intuitive, and the seals people were really kind and patient with my five zillion questions! This CRM has buit-in Analytics that are user friendly, the mail merge integrates with Google Docs, making our thank you process, simpler than ever! We have already grown our lists, and increased retention in the 6 months we've been using Salsa! The other HUGE factor for us, it integrates with Salsa Engage.
Change from one database to another. that's all.
Our staff all agree it's easier to learn, easier to use, and we have all really liked our Customer Support, and Customer Success Coach. They have helped grow to really thrilled with this CRM! And the price is a wonder factor, also. Great ROI.
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