Benefits and Insights

Why use GrowthZone?

Key differentiators & advantages of GrowthZone

  • Use Targeted Marketing: The platform allows users to understand and know individual prospects and organizations. This makes it easier to customize messaging, reach out, engage and provide better service, all of which helps boost customer retention. 
  • Encourage Growth: Sales and opportunity tracking, elimination of duplicate entries and real-time information makes it easier to keep track of customers and provide proper help so the business can grow. 
  • Engage and Inform: Certifications, committees, interest groups and a lot more helps keep prospects engaged. Users can also ensure customers are informed with member communications, invoices and by sending event information. 
  • Retain Customers: Users have access to unlimited customer support and comprehensive training options, so they can be there for their customers and make them feel valued. 
  • Do More With Premium Modules: Users can track and manage certifications for members, build email campaigns with vital information, and monetize sales opportunities, sponsorships and subscriptions. 
  • Make Smart Choices: The platform aids decisions with insights into deal progress, probability, sales stage data and lead sources. 

Industry Expertise

GrowthZone provides association software to a range of industries such as real estate, agriculture, business, construction and trade, education, insurance and finance, medical, security, and transportation. It supports clients who have member bases ranging from 30 to 50,000.

Key Features

  • Payment Processing: Automated payments eliminate manual payment of invoices, saving time and reducing late bill charges. Users can automatically charge monthly, quarterly, semi-annual or annual payments with a pre-decided date without routine logins and processes. 
  • Website Design: This feature helps drive increased traffic, engagement and usage. The platform offers tools for website necessities such as website designing, content and hosting. It also acts as a content management system. 
  • Onboarding: Users can manage all aspects of onboarding via tools that assist with discovery, solution planning, website launch planning and after-setup care. This feature allows users to understand the goals, needs and processes of each business to determine stakeholders and problem-solving procedures. 
  • Training: In-platform resources support training and education to help users efficiently learn at their own pace. 
  • Contact Management: Users can easily view and manage members, individuals and organizations with a dedicated database. The feature covers aspects such as billing information, communications and much more. 
  • Mobile Apps: The software has two different apps for staff and members that makes it easy to monitor inputs. The Staff App can scan business cards, load contact details, display notes, register and check-in event attendees, and process event payments. The MemberPlus App aids communication and collaboration for registered members. 
  • Events: Users can create events and manage registrations. The mobile apps make the process of managing events easier, while helping users cater to client needs. 
  • Billing Management: The platform simplifies billing with integrated payments and credit card processing, along with a one-time payment method. 


These are the product limitations at the time of this writing, based on user reviews:

  •  Web designing is cumbersome and needs close training. 
  •  Could use more integrations. 

GrowthZone Suite Support

GrowthZone provides real-time support with executives in place who help through various channels. The live chat section on the website makes it easy to connect with the support team.

mail_outlineEmail: Users can write to [email protected]
phonePhone: The support team can be reached Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. CST by calling (800) 825-9171 (option 4).
schoolTraining: Online, on-demand workshops and classroom training is available for users. Training can be taken on a pre-scheduled plan.
local_offerTickets: Users can fill in the support form on the website to send queries.