Benefits and Insights

Why use Blackbaud CRM?

Key differentiators & advantages of Blackbaud CRM

  • Effective Fundraising: Users can handle fundraising programs efficiently by coordinating and streamlining multiple fundraising teams, and defining solicitation and stewardship responsibilities. It’s also possible to unite multidimensional relationships across different chapters, programs and field offices using scalable and intuitive solutions, and track progress using KPIs. Users can review trends, identify areas of opportunity, and develop strategies to improve performance. Fundraisers can also access or update important constituent information using mobile devices. 
  • Enhanced Communication: An integrated approach helps users understand and control multifaceted communication efforts. This lets them leverage data across multiple campaigns and drive higher outcomes. Team members can access required information using workflows, dashboards and communication tools that offer actionable insights. 
  • Strong Campaigning: It’s possible to strengthen direct mail programs by integrating marketing campaigns with constituent information. Users can identify high-performing donor segments, set budgets and gauge performance results in real time. 
  • Online Presence: A completely customizable CMS helps create a robust website that acts as a hub of activities and a platform to interact through forums, social networking and personal pages. 
  • Maximized Lifetime Donor Value: Users can increase the lifetime value of donors and replenish their donor pool by leveraging a nonprofit cooperative database. This helps them retain current donors, encourage lapsed donors to be active again and acquire new donors. 
  • Customized Solution: The customizable CRM platform lets users offer unique experiences and address different situations based on varied constituent needs. 
  • Managed Opportunities: Benchmarking tools help users identify opportunities and challenges so that they can manage those efficiently. They can also evaluate and evolve past strategies, compare performance, and share information across the organization to streamline operations. 
  • Customized Advocacy Solutions: Users can create a strong identity by optimizing and executing strategies. Integration with fundraising and marketing solutions helps users reach important prospects, influence decision makers, convert advocates into sustained donors and run effective cross-channel campaigns. 
  • Managed CSR Programs: Blackbaud CRM helps improve local community relationships, attract new talent and accomplish greater purpose by driving employee engagement, funds and volunteer hours. Using flexible volunteering solutions, employers can express social responsibility interests and passions as well as motivate team members with incentive programs. 
  • Secure Data: Blackbaud CRM follows reliable security measures to protect private financial information, being PCI-DSS level-one compliant. It follows the FTC's Red Flag Rules for preventing identity theft, uses 256-bit encryption through a VPN network for data transmission, and funds deposits in FDIC-insured custodial accounts. The platform offers protection against professional liability, cybersecurity, general insurance and employee theft. 
  • Transparent Grant Making: An integrated and customizable platform ensures maximum impact from grants as well as leverages financial integrations and intuitive workflows. With access to information from all philanthropic stakeholders, users can get a detailed view of outcomes, build strong relationships with them using communication tools, share impact stories and achieve mission goals quickly by reducing approval time. 
  • Data-Driven Solutions: Blackbaud’s target analytics solution lets users save time and improve ROI by optimizing fundraising and comprehending its effectiveness. They can connect with constituents through preferred channels, acquire new donors and advocates, inspire them to join missions, and understand their unique personas. 
  • Expert Consulting Services: Fundraising experts with years of experience in strategy implementation, modeling result analysis, long-term roadmap development and donor portfolio analysis offer consultations. They help identify industry best practices, suggest investment and implementation plans, and recommend tactical, project-level and strategic targeting. 
  • Accurate and Enriched Data: Users can get a holistic view of the database with updated information so they can understand how to connect with prospects, eliminating time and energy waste. The toolset enables users to acquire email addresses and phone numbers, send emails, identify suitable donors and their employers, and gather demographic information like age and gender. 

Industry Expertise

Blackbaud CRM caters to arts and cultural organizations, faith communities, healthcare organizations, higher education institutions, K–12 schools, nonprofit organizations, individual change agents and charitable giving organizations. It serves a third of Fortune 500 companies.

Key Features

  • Analytics: Users can nurture lifelong relationships with customers, make informed business decisions and increase revenue with actionable insights into supporters’ behavioral, demographic, lifestyle and financial characteristics. It helps eliminate guesswork from prospect research. 
  • End-to-End Education Management: Blackbaud CRM helps students achieve their academic aspirations by equipping them with the right tools. It offers a host of cloud-based solutions for K–12 private and parochial schools. Features such as online committee review and self-scheduling help save time, while customizable admission checklists let admins and parents review application status. It offers school-specific functionalities such as filterable calendars, dynamic curriculum guides and more. 
  • Peer-to-Peer Fundraising: Blackbaud CRM helps grow a supporter base by discovering new supporters and empowering current ones. Users can engage them in campaigns and events using an optimized peer-to-peer solution portfolio. It helps increase funds and effectiveness using analytics, purpose-built capabilities, coaching and social networking. 
  • Integrated Online Marketing: Integrated solutions let users follow up with customers on a large scale using automated emails driven by behavior or predictive intelligence. They can create a customized, integrated website experience and connect with social influencers to increase social engagement. They can own complete constituent life cycles and synchronize data from marketing, advocacy and fundraising efforts. 
  • Simplified Financial Processes: Financial aid helps expand reach, receive award recommendations through reports and configure calculation settings. Users can collect priority information, design formulas based on enrollment parameters and policies, and submit timely applications and documentation. It saves a great amount of time on the review and verification process. 
  • Tuition Billing: Automated payment processes and dedicated customer support ensure a quick and seamless billing experience. Online account review and payment submission are available on different devices. Flexible payment options include credit card, automatic debit, check or money order, and cash payments. 
  • Streamlined Finance Management: This lets users maintain FASB compliance by tracking expense reports and governing user-specific access rights and approval controls. They can maintain clean account structure, manage reporting requirements and demonstrate stewardship of contributed funds by capturing program, grant and department information. 
  • Integrated Merchant Services: This feature improves efficiency using detailed reporting, 24/7 access to transaction information, pre-reconciled bank deposits and automatic updates of payment data. Users can mitigate fraud and protect sensitive organizational data by simplifying PCI compliance and leveraging Point-to-Point Encryption (P2PE). 
  • Academic Role-Specific Capabilities: The solution supports assignments, grading, announcements, forums and more. It streamlines scheduling, attendance, report cards, grading and transcripts by collecting academic information. Parents can complete admission applications, accept enrollment contracts, monitor homework assignments and more. 
  • Effective Expense Management:  A secure online portal offers insights into vendor spend, allowing users to negotiate better rates. Users can leverage this to add cardholders, review activity with detailed reports, control expenses, and monitor credit card statements and audit logs for each card holder. 
  • POS Ticketing: Users can deliver personalized experiences through group sales, event pre-sales and automated discounts. This feature helps increase ticket sales with dynamic pricing, identify trends and behaviors using integrated analytics, and save time and effort on program management and configuration. It’s possible to convert ticket buyers into members using a 360-degree view of behavior, and layered wealth and demographic information. 
  • Prospect Management: Through custom modeling, users can identify top prospects using likelihood and capacity scores, and prioritize them accordingly. It helps them approach prospects based on their interactions and relationships with other organizations and supporters. Users can also access and use modeling results in CRM and prospect research software. 
  • Direct Marketing Insights: Using direct analytics, users can minimize expenses by eliminating non-essential outbound communication and maximizing marketing communications. Intent-based targeting techniques let users capture untapped donation potential, identify suitable communication channels and determine the best outreach approach. 
  • Modeling and Prospect Research: Prospecting software evaluates data from over 100 compliant data sources using proprietary analytics methods. This generates four key wealth attributes including net worth, annual income, investments and discretionary spend. 
  • Awards Management: Users can enhance cross-functional visibility throughout scholarship and award management processes and create impactful stewardship practices. Students get a unique view of scholarships and can identify suitable plans. It’s possible to share impact with donors by combining fund financial data, key donor data from any CRM, thank you letters and other beneficiary information. 
  • Congregation Management: A connected app lets users manage things like unlimited online donation forms, one-time or recurring giving, member and family profiles, and a comprehensive church directory. It’s also possible to keep congregants informed using a drag-and-drop, intuitive email marketing tool. 
  • Church Management: Users can manage groups effectively using email and text communication, attendance tracking and group leader permissions. Intuitive check-in capabilities help keep children safe and secure, while one-time and recurring events can be managed using event capabilities. Visual tools provide insights into trends. Users can also generate lists and reports, and keep data up to date using built-in data health tools. 
  • Volunteer Management: This feature lets users track general and role-specific requirements for volunteer positions, store background checks and track interest so that they can match an enthusiastic volunteer with appropriate needs. 


At the time of this review, these are some of the limitations of Blackbaud CRM according to user feedback:

  •  Technical assistance is required for advanced query building and importing large amounts of data. 
  •  The query designer doesn’t let users perform SQL complex joins. Users have to create a query view and select that to join multiple data elements. 
  •  It doesn’t allow users to tag or mark donations with more than two qualifications. 
  •  PDFs can’t be edited once downloaded because of certain guidelines. 

Blackbaud CRM Suite Support

Support associates are available through chat, Monday through Friday, 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m. EST, excluding holidays. In addition to regular support options, Blackbaud also offers implementation, digital marketing, consulting and managed services options.

A knowledge base offers real-time published solutions including articles, web pages, customer guides, webinars and videos, along with help resources like product documentation and best practice documentation. Users can join the Blackbaud community to know about products in detail, upcoming events, and other members. They can also check customer stories on the portal.
mail_outlineEmail: No support email is listed.
phonePhone: No phone support is mentioned.
schoolTraining: A platform called Training Central lists all training-related details. For any kind of training help, chat support is available from 8:30 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST, and users can send emails to [email protected] Blackbaud University offers a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions for all skill levels through eLearning, and live and virtual training sessions. Users can choose from a set of curricula and check subscription plans from the portal. Blackbaud is recognized by CFRE International and NASBA as an approved provider, and offers fundamental and professional certifications.
local_offerTickets: Case Central, an online case portal, allows users to review closed tickets or log notes and attachments on open cases.