SelectHub Introduces Software Industry Awards Aimed at Product Teams Instead of Vendors

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The Technology Selection and Research Company Aims to Recognize the People Behind the Products

Denver, January 8, 2019 — SelectHub, a software selection and research company, announces their first industry awards program will begin in February 2019. Named the SelectHub Software Awards, the company will give these awards to product development teams rather than vendors to recognize the individuals working closest to the solutions.

Keith Hagen, VP of Marketing at SelectHub, says, “After years of analyzing, we realized it was time the people behind the best software were recognized. With these awards, we hope to provide end users with a true and accurate perspective of where excellence in software comes from and about the teams that got it there.”

Badges for the SelectHub Software Awards

Awards such as “Best in Class,” “Analysts’ Pick,” “Most Shortlisted” and “Best Value” aim to highlight the solutions’ strongest assets. These include technical features as well as aspects related to the overall user experience.

The SelectHub Software Awards will be awarded exclusively on merit, using criteria such as user reviews, data from SelectHub’s proprietary technology selection management platform and evaluations from their internal team of analysts.

The company will not be accepting applications or nominations from external sources in order to keep the SelectHub Software Awards completely independent. As a consequence, vendors cannot pay to be considered.

Awards will first be given out under the business intelligence software category. As the year goes on, SelectHub will add more enterprise software categories to the program.

Kim O'ShaughnessySelectHub Introduces Software Industry Awards Aimed at Product Teams Instead of Vendors

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