Selecting Business Analytics Tools

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SelectHub, a major comparison engine and information resource for enterprise software buyers, now offers an interactive leaderboard to help procurement offices compare business analytics tools.

Time for Business Analytics – Intelligence for a Modern Business

Business analytics software does a lot of things for companies. Executives and others use these platforms to get many kinds of key business intelligence on customer behavior, regional success, operational efficiencies, and much more. Visual dashboards help human decision-makers track data in actionable ways.

It’s no surprise that the market for business analytics software and services is over $100 billion, and is projected to reach over $180 billion by 2019. With companies jumping on the business analysis bandwagon, there is a need for transparent apples-to-apples comparisons of vendor products and services.

Help with Selection

SelectHub’s business analytics leaderboard offers a detailed look at 36 top contenders in the business analytics vendor community. The top-level page shows data on price, platform compatibility, and logistics around deployment. It also offers a community rating for each of these platforms. Users can filter and arrange views according to their needs.

In addition, SelectHub also offers live help with selection analysis. By calling a phone number, those looking to research business analytics software can speak with qualified professionals who can help them determine what’s best for their companies.

Questions Around Platform Use

What’s in a particular business analytics dashboard? What are the system requirements? How easy will it be for sales people or other end users to train? SelectHub can help choosy business buyers to answer these types of questions as they perform due diligence for what will be a critical vendor relationship going forward.

Browse offerings by companies like Domo, Qlikview, and SAS — from big names like Microsoft and SAP to smaller niche businesses offering their own effective business intelligence and analytics software, business leaders searching for the right solution can get access to a full range of product reviews, and narrow the field to figure out what’s going to serve their business best.

When it comes to actually implementing business analytics software in a company, getting the right fit is important. This type of platform is not a one-size-fits-all solution — getting it wrong can actually disrupt a business model, and cause a lot of heartburn for daily operations.

SelectHubSelecting Business Analytics Tools

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    Great message for all those who are looking for the right plan of Business Services when it comes to the Business analytics tools. Simply Amazing!!

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