SelectHub Names the Top Software Systems for Endpoint Security

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Interactive report grades the top endpoint security systems across 20 key criteria in defending against malicious cyber activities.

DENVER — SelectHub, a technology selection management (TSM) software company, released its November rankings update for their Endpoint Security Software Leaderboard. The Leaderboard features the top systems rated on 20 key functional requirements, identified by organizations purchasing endpoint security software.

Top Endpoint Security Systems - SelectHub LeaderboardSymantec, Webroot and McAfee were rated highest in SelectHub’s analysis of more than 50 endpoint security systems—with Symantec Endpoint Protection edging out the leaders for top spot on the Leaderboard. Other top performers in the report are solutions from ESET, Sophos, Carbon Black, Cisco, Cylance and Microsoft.

Protection against cyber-attacks has never been more important. Forbes estimates that cybercrime will cost $6 trillion a year on average through 2021. The immediate financial damage to a business can be crippling—the longer term damage to its reputation can be catastrophic.

“Cybersecurity is rapidly changing as technology advances and malware attacks become more sophisticated than ever before,” said Iva Peric-Lightfoot, Country Manager, ESET Canada. “It’s crucial that businesses stay current with their cybersecurity products and needs – implementing a layered 360-degree approach to security. It needs to be intuitive, trustworthy technology and must update regularly. “

Peric-Lightfoot says that technology needs to go hand-in-hand with best-practice procedures to effectively protect against attacks, “True cyber safety goes beyond just the physical systems and software in place that protect data, and extends to the policies and procedures that help eliminate human error. The weakest point of entry will be human error so education and those policies and procedures will be key pieces of any security strategy.”

The SelectHub Leaderboard report provides organizations with insights into to the latest advances in security software from developers racing to keep up with an ever increasing barrage of threats. Endpoint security is particularly important as it aims to secure entry points from all devices connected to a network. With more employees working remotely and using mobile devices for business, endpoint security systems are critical in helping organizations better defend their computers and networks against malicious threats.

Michael Destefani, CEO of IT security consulting firm DSolution, believes that it’s critical for companies to find the right way to identify vulnerabilities and pick the right technology solutions, “The cybersecurity vendor landscape has changed so much over the last 3-4 years – there are so many new vendor solutions purporting to have the latest & greatest protection technology…an organizations needs a comprehensive manner in which to compare solutions against their needs”.

Destefani has seen the damage caused by inadequate security systems first-hand, “Cybercrime has become increasingly more sophisticated and prevalent around the globe. It is expected to be between a $2-4 billion/per year business in 2018. The Equifax breach of 143 million personal & confidential records of folks all across North America illustrates the importance of cybersecurity. Equifax is currently facing a number of large lawsuits, subsequently, the Equifax CEO & CIO have since resigned. The breach of retailer Target’s IT infrastructure 2 years ago has cost them millions of dollars and still counting. The cost of an enterprise breach is not only monetary – it will cost an organization its reputation.”

The endpoint security systems in the SelectHub report were rated on critical performance measures such protection against data loss, insider threats, application and network access controls, privileged user controls, data center protection, and endpoint threat detection and response. SelectHub calculates its rankings across critical functional categories, using information compiled from ongoing software selection projects and actual RFPs managed through their software selection management platform. SelectHub then validates scores with third-party industry and research firms to assure the accuracy of the ranking methodology and findings.

The interactive leaderboard is available as part of SelectHub’s software selection platform and is customizable based on an organization’s specific learning management system requirements. SelectHub users can collaborate with decision makers, shortlist vendors based on their customized requirements, execute RFIs/RFPs and manage the overall evaluation and procurement process. Comprehensive leaderboards and buyer’s guides are also available for other leading enterprise software categories such as CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence and more.

About SelectHub

SelectHub is a cloud-based Technology Selection Management (TSM) software platform helping streamline software selection and IT sourcing to be more data-driven, agile and collaborative. The platform offers a comprehensive set of evaluation stages from requirements gathering to vendor shortlisting, RFIs and RFPs, demo scorecarding, and proof-of-concept management. With over 24,000 enterprises on the platform, SelectHub also publishes a library of “best practice” requirements templates along with community-sourced vendor / product ratings across 100+ technology categories, including popular software categories such as ERP, BI, CRM, HRMS, CMMS, marketing automation and supply chain management. SelectHub was named one of the fastest growing software companies on the 2017 edition of the Inc. 500. SelectHub customers include ABC Supply Company, CNO Financial Group, QEP Resources and the State of Colorado. To learn more, please visit

SelectHub NewsroomSelectHub Names the Top Software Systems for Endpoint Security

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