SelectHub Grades the Top 10 Learning Management Systems

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SelectHub, the leading provider of technology selection management (TSM) software, today released an update to their Learning Management Systems Leaderboard and Buyer’s Guide. The Leaderboard and Buyer’s Guide feature the top 10 learning management systems available on the market, rated on over 20 critical functional requirements identified by companies investing in an LMS.

Ten LMS vendors made it onto SelectHub’s Leaderboard, outperforming more than 50 competing platforms. In-depth analysis is provided by SelectHub for each of the 10 leaders – highlighting strengths and weaknesses – and describing how each system meets the top criteria of organizations and business analysts evaluating learning management systems. Docebo, Cornerstone, Litmos, TalentLMS, eLogic, SAP successfactors and Halogen are among the top-rated solutions on the updated version of the Leaderboard.

The SelectHub LMS Leaderboard analyzes core learning management features, including instructor-led training, progress assessment, content/course library, multilingual support, scalability and more than 20 additional learning management system requirements.

SelectHub calculates its rankings across the above functional categories, using information compiled from ongoing software selection projects and actual RFPs managed through their software selection project management platform. SelectHub then validates scores with third-party industry and research firms to assure the accuracy of the ranking methodology and findings.  The Learning Management Systems Leaderboard and in-depth buyer’s guide is available for free here.

“One of the most relevant and important tools a business has at its disposal is continued learning in the workplace. Therefore, a company’s decision to invest in a robust Learning Management System (LMS) is not only important for business growth, but vital to the long term survival and success of an organization. A thorough selection process run with the help of SelectHub will lead the way to selecting the best possible solution, or mix of solutions.” – Gabriel Gheorghiu, Questions Consulting

The interactive leaderboard is available as part of SelectHub’s software selecprtion platform and is customizable based on an organization’s specific learning management system requirements. SelectHub users can collaborate with decision makers, shortlist vendors based on their customized requirements, execute RFIs/RFPs and manage the overall evaluation and procurement process.  Comprehensive leaderboards and buyer’s guides are also available for other leading enterprise software categories such as CRM, ERP, Business Intelligence and more.

About SelectHub

SelectHub is an awarding-winning software selection platform making IT/software sourcing more agile and collaborative. The platform supports a comprehensive set of evaluation stages from requirements gathering to vendor shortlisting, demos and user trials, RFI/RFPs and contract negotiation. SelectHub customers include Hunter Douglas, Advanced Energy, QEP Resources and the State of Colorado. To learn more, please visit

SelectHub NewsroomSelectHub Grades the Top 10 Learning Management Systems

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