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Key differentiators & advantages of zscaler

Advanced Threat Protection: With Zscaler’s Cloud Web Security solution, you get advanced protection against today’s sophisticated, emerging threats including botnets, malicious active content, phishing, cross site scripting (XSS) attacks and more guaranteeing safe browsing for all users and all devices. Read more about our Advanced Persistent Threats Solution. Anti-Virus and Anti-Spyware: With no software or agents to install, Zscaler Cloud Web Security provides the industry’s most complete, inline protection from viruses and spyware. Because Zscaler’s patented inline protection sits between the user and the Internet, your policy and protection is consistent across devices and locations. Dynamic URL Filtering: Zscaler provides flexible and granular URL categories, organized in a hierarchy that enables better analysis and control. Further, organizations can also create their own categories and manage access based on keywords in URLs or page content. With its dynamic content classification, Zscaler’s Cloud Web Security solution can detect liable content and enforce policy on individual pages versus entire domains. Browser Control: To secure browsers, Zscaler enforces policy in four areas: Browser Versions: Companies can enforce policy based on which browsers and versions of that browser are permissible. Browser Patches: Zscaler can help your IT organization enforce a policy that all employees install these patches. Plug-ins/Extensions: Companies can determine which plug-ins are allowed to be installed. Applications: Companies can enforce which applications can run in the browser.