Benefits and Insights

Why use XCLASS?

Key differentiators & advantages of XCLASS

Teaching & Learning in an Interactive Style Various Tools to Enhance Class Interaction & Management Teacher Show & Student Show - Broadcast teacher’s or selected student’s screen and voice to student PCs Class Grouping - Pairing, random pairing and group discussion are available Intercom - Allow teacher to proceed real-time intercom with selected student Instant Phone Call - Allow discussion between students File Transfer - Transfer to or receive files/ folders from any selected student Multimedia Learning - Allow to broadcast 9 different videos simultaneously by XPLAYER Class Merging - Allow teacher to merge classes by just a few clicks Remote Login - Allow teacher to logon student PC remotely Monitoring Students’ Learning Progress Student Screen Monitor & Voice Monitor - Simultaneously monitor students’ screens - Monitor multiple audio sources on student PCs Application Monitor - Monitor students’ processing tasks Keyboard Monitor - Allow teacher to monitor students’ typing Student Help - Aware of student active requests and provide assistance if necessary Remote Aid - Remote control of students PCs to give instructions Controlling Students on Inappropriate Activities Black & Lock Screen -Lock keyboard and mouse of student PCs Disable Web -Completely / Selectively block students’ web-browsing activities Disable USB - Allow teacher to enable/ disable the use of USB storage on selected Student PC Printer Management - Allow teacher to resume/ pause/ disable students’ printing jobsCreating Comprehensive Quizzes with Ease Question Editor -Allow teacher to prepare quiz with 6 different question styles including Multiple Choices, Fill in the Blank, True or False, Matching, Ordering and Long Question with ease - Support text, picture, audio and video based questions Quiz Management -Divide students into different groups, and their results could be presented in group approach -Collect paper automatically/ manually Auto Marking & Reporting -Perform auto-marking and provide instant result -Report can be generated automatically and presented in Excel and csv formats Scheduling, Organizing & Recording Lesson Lesson Reminder -Allow teacher to organize lessons, quizzes and teaching activities in a well presented manner Lesson Recorder - Record teacher’s PC screen and audio during lesson -Allow students to review the lesson even they have missed