Benefits and Insights

Why use Web Server 3.5?

Key differentiators & advantages of Web Server 3.5

  • Quick and easy to use Alias system to share your content containing folders, such as your pictures and your music.
  • User-friendly, sortable, colour configurable file listings, so your visitors can see what files you are sharing.
  • Direct Web browser based upload support, so your visitors can send you files directly through your Web site.
  • Supports download resume and byte-ranges (useful when streaming MP3s).CGI support, including PHP and Perl support, so that you can set-up a forum or add other useful things to your Web site.
  • Supports special CGI based tricks (for advanced users)...
  • Comprehensive visitor statistics is collected and can be viewed in your Web browser.
  • Native support for hosting mulitple domain names is built in for free (unlike with the leading competitor).
  • You can restrict access to the server by only allowing certain IP addresses, and/or by requiring that the visitors enter a password to get in. (uses digest authentication to help protect your password)
  • You can run the program without installing (good for those times while using a friend's or co-worker's computer).
  • Can be configured to hide in the system tray (stays out of the way).
  • Can be configured to log requests to a text file (see who accessed the server and when).
  • All settings changes take effect in real-time without you needing to restart the server, and without interrupting any in-progress downloads.
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