Benefits and Insights

Why use Replicon?

Key differentiators & advantages of Replicon

  • Configurable: The system can be tailored to a company’s specific needs with customizable end-to-end workflows and built-in flexibility tools.  
  • Integrable: Administrators can use it to streamline management processes through its ability to integrate with other systems in the professional services industry, sharing easily with CRM, accounting, ERP or other proprietary systems. 
  • Holistic Client Management: Client management becomes more informed, and subsequently more efficient and profitable. The tool has a client entity that aggregates client-specific info or demonstrates trends in data from customers, vendors, service partners, etc. 
  • Forecasting: Businesses can analyze future resource needs and generate revenue forecasts. 
  • Collaboration: Users can coordinate delivery and finance teams using the collaborative platform within the system.  
  • International Support: It can be deployed globally to centralize project and workforce management for international enterprises, with support for more than 20 languages and built-in currency exchange factoring.

Industry Expertise

Replicon TimeBill has more than 7,800 global business customers, with major offices in four different countries.

Key Features

The suite offers different features in different products. The available features across the suite are listed below. The vendor’s website lists which features are included in which product.

Project Management
  • Project Management: Businesses can manage multi-level client projects, design budgets and define project goals. They can track project progress, costs and revenue in real time. Projects can be aggregated into programs to gain visibility into performance and profitability.  
  • Client Billing Management:  It can generate and manage billing rates and contracts in a configurable fashion. Contract terms can be instantly converted into billable data with the billing generator engine.  
  • Time Tracking:  Users can design timesheets, so they generate only business-relevant information. The timesheets include a comment section so supervisors, clients and workers fully understand the context of time entries.  
  • Resource Management: Resources can be managed and allocations can be altered in real time. A searchable resource library streamlines project management by demonstrating what is available and what is in use during which dates. 
  • Reporting: It can compile and report project data in configurable formats depending on the business’s needs. Reports and data are exportable to third-party BI resources for deeper analytics. 
  • Revenue Management: Revenue management capabilities allow businesses to model revenue contracts, comply with industry standards like ASC 606 and IFRS 15 and generate revenue forecasts. Additionally, this feature coordinates revenue data with contracts, billing and WIP.  
  • Invoice Management: The invoicing engine can generate invoices based on contractual invoice periods and comes equipped with multi-currency support. The engine allows users to work with invoice data, apply invoice workflows and track overdue invoices. It comes with invoice templates for quick configuration. 
  • Approval Management: Alerts and notifications ensure that approvals happen on time, and approval workflows are configurable to align with distinct business needs.  
Time and Attendance
  • Time Sheets and Time Clock: Users can select a prebuilt or develop a custom timecard to organize employees. Time can be captured, and punch-ins and punch-outs can be registered on any device. 
  • Employee Accountability: Shift adherence is easily trackable, and discrepancies are flagged. 
  • Facial Recognition: “Buddy punching” is reduced by using a device’s camera and facial recognition. 
  • Time Off Tracking: Businesses can input their own policies, and manage time off requests in-platform while utilizing calendar interfaces to ensure they won’t end up short-staffed. 
  • Gross Pay Engine: The solution synthesizes employee profiles, shift details and pay policies to generate payable time in real time. This information can be exported to an integrated payroll provider. 
  • Crew Management: Workers can be organized into crews, and can be managed in mass by supervisors or individually. 

  • Replicon Suite Support

    Replicon offers Standard or Premium Plus support. Premium Plus support is available 24/7, while Standard is available 8 a.m. – 5 p.m., Monday – Friday. The Standard plan charges for on-demand support training by the hour while the Premium Plus plan is unlimited. Live chat is available from the vendor’s website.
    mail_outlineEmail: Standard customers can email [email protected], while Premium Plus subscribers can get assistance at [email protected]
    phonePhone: Customers in North America can call 1-877-862-2519.
    schoolTraining: The vendor website has a customer community where customers can collaborate with others for questions and tips. They also have product learning and how-to videos.
    local_offerTickets: Tickets can be submitted through the vendor’s website. Users are asked for contact information and a description of the issue, with the option to include a screenshot.