Benefits and Insights

Why use Tcat - Enterprise Tomcat?

Key differentiators & advantages of Tcat - Enterprise Tomcat

  • Deploy multiple applications across servers. Rollback bad deployments
  • Configure role-based access to a set of functionality/tasks.
  • Set alerts to get proactively notified about issues.
  • An automated way to distribute files and configuration settings across multiple Tomcat instances.
  • View the health of all your servers.
  • Real-time insight into all your servers and their applications. No need to log into an individual server to find information. 
  • Easily manage multiple servers.
  • Write your own extensions to Tcat. Groovy scripting allows you to tap into fine-grained hooks and exploit the full power of Tcat.
  • Efficient scheduler to automate execution of scripts.
  • Detailed insight into user activities.