Benefits and Insights

Why use Stackato?

Key differentiators & advantages of Stackato

  • Stackato reduces the amount of time spent on IT configuration and helps you get your applications to market faster. With Stackato, developers can easily test in a production environment, self-serve, and get apps to the cloud in minutes, not weeks. Saving you time, resources, and money.

  • Stackato is designed for the mission-critical operations of a large enterprise but can also easily scale to the needs of individual developers on smaller projects. Start with the Stackato Micro Cloud and then cluster to take advantage of the built-in auto-scaling, as your usage increases.

  • Stackato provides your organization with the freedom of choice and flexibility to choose whichever data service, language, or web framework that works best for each of your applications. Instantly deploy to the cloud of your choice (private, public, or hybrid), on any infrastructure stack, allowing you to run your business how you want.

  • Stackato saves you time and money and allows you to get your application to market faster by enabling an IT-as-a-Service model that features automatic middleware configuration and scaling capabilities.

  • Stackato automates the configuration, deployment, and management of applications, not only freeing your team from worrying about infrastructure resources and middleware configuration, but enabling a fast and simple test environment for all your innovative ideas.

  • Stackato has been extended and hardened to provide enterprises with tighter security, better compliance, and more control over secure, sensitive data.