Benefits and Insights

Why use Rezora Email Marketing?

Key differentiators & advantages of Rezora Email Marketing

  • Multi-tiered solution - A solution built around the hierarchies of large sales and marketing organizations.
  • Reporting & Analytics - Multi-tiered reporting across all marketing materials, groups and campaigns.
  • Real Estate Solution - A real estate-specific module with MLS/IDX integration for easy newsletter creation.
  • Creative Services - Exceptional staff to help you create compelling marketing materials and campaigns.
  • Unlimited Emails & Contacts - Managing your contact database is easy using our contact manager. Import contacts from most anywhere and export them back out with a singe click. After that, send to your heart's desire since there are no limits on the number of contacts you can have or the number of emails you can send.
  • Campaign & Group Management - Sort your marketing materials into campaigns and your sales agents into groups to help manage who has access to which marketing materials. Access and reporting can then be managed down to an individual marketing piece or agent.
  • Image & Document Management - Store an unlimited number of images and documents on our servers for inclusion in your marketing materials. Images and documents can be uploaded into campaign and group folders accessible only to those sales agents with adequate access.
  • Enhanced Contact Profiling - Using publicly available sources, our Enhanced Profile add-on provides additional information about your contacts, including occupation, education, and home owner status. Gender, location and age information are provided free of charge.
  • Free Training & Support - Rezora provides ongoing webinars catered to your organization's training needs and schedule. In addition, our email and online support system is included free of charge 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Optionally, dedicated phone support is available for businesses requiring more immediate and personalized assistance.