Product Information

Benefits and Insights

Why use RavenDB?

Key differentiators & advantages of RavenDB

  • Just store your stuff. 
    With Raven, you're not constrained by rigid database schemas.

  • Raven supports replication, sharding, and multi-tenancy to work with your big data.

  • ACID is good. 
    In RavenDB, all operations performed on documents are fully transactional.

  • Speed-obsessed. 
    Self-tuning, intelligent indexes, optimized for blazing fast reads, never blocked by locks.

  • Built in .NET, for .NET. 
    Raven has first-class LINQ support with an idiomatic, clean .NET API served over HTTP.

  • Use bundles like versioning or encryption, or extend RavenDB yourself using well-defined extensibility points.

  • Raven avoids the gotchas of ORMs and first-gen NoSQL databases, helping you fall into the pit of success.