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Why use Qualtrics Research Suite?

Key differentiators & advantages of Qualtrics Research Suite

- Adding QuestionsCreate over 100 different question types.Use interactive questions to increase response rates.Engage survey takers with rich media.Change layout, position, & answer choices in seconds.Select from a variety of Likert scales (i.e. Very Likely to Very Unlikely).Force or request responses with validation.Adjust fonts, sizes & colors with ease.Bold, italicize, underline & justify text in a word processor.Insert special characters, tables & links.Pull questions from professionally designed surveys.Build surveys quickly without re-inventing the wheel.Create your own library of questions, surveys, messages, & media.- Question OptionsInsert images in just 3 clicks.Make your surveys more visually appealing.Choose images from your computer, or the web.Embed video or audio clips in seconds.Host media on Qualtrics’ servers.Customize display settings for embedded media.Well maybe not the universe, but everything else in a survey.Randomize the order of choices, questions, or blocks.Present or hide random samples of choices.Personalize surveys with respondent’s name & information.Pull text from previous questions or answer choices.Insert values from a panel or scoring category.Let respondents download or print files from within a survey.Present different forms based on survey responses.Supports virtually every file type, including rich media.Carry choices from previous questions into subsequent questions.Display choices that were – or were not – selected.Follow up on previous questions.Add custom JavaScript to questions.View question source to edit HTML coding.Customize survey templates with a simple CSS editor.- Survey FlowSkip respondents past unnecessary questions.Create multiple layers of logic conditions.End survey if respondents don’t qualify for a study.Use logic to show & hide questions.Add multiple conditions for advanced situations.Show questions based on responses, quotas, embedded data.Use logic everywhere to control survey flow.Dynamically skip or display entire sections of questions.Create multiple termination points within a survey.Organize questions into groups called ‘blocks.’Use logic to control what blocks are shown.Branch & randomize question blocks.Dynamically repeat a block of questions for individual items.Change question text each time a block repeats.Base loops upon previous responses or pre-defined criteria.Customize the end of survey experience with logic.Display personalized messages or response reports.Redirect respondents to another website upon survey completion.Utilize hundreds of customizable survey-level options.Allow respondents to save & continue.Disassociate personal information from responses.Store information about respondents (name, etc.).Pipe information into survey to personalize experience.Save outside information in results for data analysis.Brand surveys with your logos & colors.Customize fonts, sizes & colors.Insert custom header/footer & stylized progress bar.Pipe information from RSS feed into a survey.Save information from a website into results.Dynamically change a survey’s questions or answer choices.Require unique login credentials for each respondent.Verify respondent’s information before giving access to sections.Link known information about respondents to the survey.Send email alerts to anyone, including respondents.Receive automatic notification about quotas or responses.Set alerts & triggers with advanced criteria.Create dynamic panels on the fly.Save survey respondents into different panels.Use advanced logic to pre-determine appropriate panel.Define the total number of required responses for a question or survey.Create quota logics to skip, branch or deactivate surveys.Automate email notifications when quotas are met.Turn surveys into tests in just a few clicks.Combine results of several questions together into a single score.Score anything from satisfaction to personality assessments.Translate questions, messages & emails into 48 languages.Start translation with integrated Google TranslateTM.Export & share a survey for easy 3rd party translation.Build self-explicated conjoint analyses in seconds.Identify most valuable attributes of a given product/service.Export data to Excel & SPSS for advanced statistical analysis.Ensure customer insights get delivered to your CRM.Import information from a survey into any Salesforce object.Use Qualtrics within the Salesforce Dashboard via AppExchange.
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