Benefits and Insights

Why use Penetration Testing?

Key differentiators & advantages of Penetration Testing

  • Work from both an external and internal perspective; At completion of our testing we provide you with a detailed report, which includes recommended actions for improving your security measures. Sometimes referred to as “ethical hacking”, penetration testing is an active evaluation of an organisation’s information security measures.

  • Significantly help safeguard against many network security threats, including financial compromise, damage to reputation, business risk exposure, unwanted legal issues and loss of internet presence.

  • With the advent of sophisticated, automated exploitation tools and “point-and-click” hacking, anyone with a network connection (internet, corporate, internal) is potentially vulnerable. However, there are effective steps that can be taken to anticipate and mitigate the risks for organisations both large and small. We run these tests to identify and assess potential threats to software applications, including bespoke or proprietary systems
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