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Filters the content you choose- select Internet content categories that you do not want to allow. Controls the content your children can download:P2P, MP3, EXE, WMV, etc. See Screenshots Define the exact Internet access you want to for each family member-highly restricted for your 9 year old, less restrictive for your 15 year old and no restrictions for you. Choose specific Internet sites to include or exclude or even add new sites. Manage Internet access by deciding what time each family member can surf the web. Only the owner can access the filter's administration tools - Password controlled, on/off feature (NO workarounds!) IMPROVED Block adult material, drugs, weapons, hate, gambling, chat and much more. 24/7 Unblocking service FILTER harmful web content No workarounds! - Password controlled. CONTROL downloading FREE updates PROFILES for each user for age appropriate Internet access CUSTOMIZE for your specific needs IMPROVED SCHEDULE and limit time online Prevent Internet Addiction
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