Benefits and Insights

Why use Nolio Application Release Operations Suite?

Key differentiators & advantages of Nolio Application Release Operations Suite

Design: Simply Model Your Application Release ProcessesNolio's visual drag-and-drop application release design lets you build multi-step, multi-tier application release processes. Rich out-of-the-box application release libraries enable quick and easy set-up of application automation processes to help you simplify and standardize release.Publish: Test, Version and Consolidate Your Release Know HowNolio consolidates your application release "know-how" into a single repository, eliminating release conflicts and enabling release management for any application and data center environment. With Nolio, release teams from across development, QA and operations can share and transfer their operational knowledge (including both IT management as well as staff-level administrators).Execute: Real-Time Release Execution Across Distributed Data CentersThe Nolio Release Operations Center synchronizes the execution of application release processes across distributed physical, virtual and cloud environments. Real-time alerts and automated roll-back extend centralized control over application changes everywhere, all at once. In addition, Nolio granular reporting and dashboard lets you manage and audit service tasks, for internal and industry regulation and compliance.