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Benefits and Insights

Why use Microsoft Office Live Meeting?

Key differentiators & advantages of Microsoft Office Live Meeting

  • Increase productivity.
    Spend your time wisely by avoiding trips to and from your meetings. You can meet more frequently with customers, colleagues, and business partners, with no downtime, thereby increasing your business output in the same amount of time.

  • Save money.
    By conducting online meetings, training, and events, Live Meeting offers an impressive return on your investment over the cost of conducting business face-to-face.

  • Save time.
    A customizable meeting environment and remote attendance flexibility ensures an efficient user experience, effective collaboration, and focus on the meeting content at-hand.

  • Conduct trainings and large events.
    Live Meeting supports a diverse set of circumstances ranging from a spontaneous meeting between two people working on a document, to large-scale training and scheduled events with hundreds or even thousands of participants.

  • Engage your audience.
    Deliver more immersive presentations that bring together multiple communication types including live and recorded video, chat, slide and application sharing, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) and public switched telephone network (PSTN) audio, and audience feedback tools.

  • Get more value from your meetings — even after you're done.
    With Office Live Meeting 2007, participants can record meetings or training events in high fidelity and store them on their local drive or on the Live Meeting service. These recordings become training assets that can be viewed by the rest of the organization at any time.

  • Collaborate in real-time.
    Share, collaborate, and discuss your projects in real-time so you can make critical decisions quickly with all your stakeholders, regardless of geography. You can’t always wait for everyone to be in the same place, at the same time, so take advantage of the opportunities Office Live Meeting offers.

  • Work with internally and externally.
    The 2007 hosted version of Office Live Meeting allows users to connect with customers, partners and, employees in order to collaborate across different organizations.

  • Integrated with Microsoft Office and Existing Systems.
    Organizers can schedule meetings using Outlook (even when offline), send separate meeting invitations to presenters and attendees, and automatically include audio conference information in every meeting invitation.