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Why use Microsoft Azure - Web?

Key differentiators & advantages of Microsoft Azure - Web

Speaks your language
  • Use ASP.NET, Java, PHP, Node.js or Python.
  • Run popular web apps and CMS solutions including WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Umbraco and DotNetNuke.

Control your data
  • Azure makes it easy to create and use data solutions with your Web apps.
  • Support for Microsoft SQL, MySQL, MongoDB and Key/Value Table Storage.
  • A free 20MB SQL Database and free 20MB MySQL Database are provided to each Azure customer at no cost.
  • No opsRun your Web apps in a high-availability environment with automatic patching.
  • Web apps deployed with Azure Web Sites are isolated and are hosted in VMs dedicated to your applications – ensuring predictable performance and security isolation.
  • Built-in OS and web-server patch management performed automatically with zero downtime.

Automatically scale
  • Azure enables you to quickly scale-up or out to handle any incoming customer load.
  • Manually select the number and size of VMs or set up auto-scaling to scale your servers based on load or schedule.

Flexible deployment
  • Deploy your Web Apps using Git Push, FTP, FTPS and Web Deploy.
  • Script your deployment to integrate with your current build process or tools like TeamCity and Hudson.
  • Synchronize your deployment to external services such as GitHub and DropBox.
  • Use your favorite IDEVisual Studio integration allows for a full life cycle app management in one place.
  • Azure VS integration allows you to create and continuously publish your Web application.
  • With VS you can debug in the cloud as well as consume live log data. You can also configure key settings for your application.

Friction-free push
  • Achieve frictionless production deployments and continuous deployment using Git, Mecurial or Visual Studio Online source control.
  • Azure provides built-in support for setting up continuous deployment workflows with Visual Studio Online, GitHub, and BitBucket – enabling you to automatically build, test and deploy your Web app to Azure on each successful code check-in.

Keep your assets safe
  • Enable automatic backups to schedule regular backups of both your Web apps and dependent databases.
  • Rest easy knowing your code and data is secure from disaster and easily restored allowing you to run your business with confidence.

Monitor with ease
  • Enable outside-in monitoring to automatically verify your Web app availability from multiple locations.
  • Get notified anytime your Web app isn’t available or is returning errors.
  • Integrate advanced app analytics and monitoring functionality from New Relic and AppDynamics to get even richer insight into how your Web app is performing.

Deploy with confidence
  • Create a private “staging” version of any Web app, and use it to perform final testing before you deploy.
  • Once your changes are verified you can swap it into production with no downtime. During swap, Web applications are pre-loaded by Azure Web Sites ensuring the best customer experience.

Brand it and secure it
  • Bring your own domain and SSL Certificates.
  • Azure Web Sites supports both CNAME and A-record DNS entries, allowing you to use any DNS domain with your Web app.
  • You can also upload custom IP and SNI based SSL certificates for custom domains.
  • Create personalized Web addresses for your customers by utilizing the support for wildcard custom domain name format.