Benefits and Insights

Why use Kronos Workforce Central?

Key differentiators & advantages of Kronos Workforce Central

  • Automation: Allow the system to do the heavy lifting by automating a variety of workforce management tasks, including schedule building, time and attendance tracking, absence management and tracking performance metrics. 
  • Employee Self-Service: By leveraging the power of the cloud, managers and employees can access a variety of features from any internet-connected device. 
  • Analytics: Reporting and analytic functionalities provide managers with data and insights which can be viewed in the interface dashboard. This information gives managers insights into daily business operations. 
  • Integration: Kronos Workforce Central integrates fully with other Kronos solutions to allow systems to share data and streamline workflows. 

Industry Expertise

Serving more than 30,000 organizations worldwide, Kronos has over 40 million annual users. Recognized as a leader in the HR tech space, Kronos has received multiple awards including a gold ranking from Network Products Guide for cloud computing, an award for Excellence in Customer Service from the Business Intelligence Group and is recognized as a Global Workforce Management Market Leader by Ventana Research.

Key Features

  • Time Tracking: The system can send real-time alerts through email or text message to notify managers of things that need immediate attention, such as employees who will be working overtime hours. By integrating this feature with payroll processing managers can ensure that payroll is always accurate and processed on time. 
  • Scheduling: Automatically generate schedules with the system’s best-fit module to ensure optimal schedules that reduce instances of overstaffing. Employees are able to use the self-service functionality to view schedules through the mobile app, as well as set scheduling preferences and swap shifts with coworkers. 
  • Absence Management: Maintain productivity levels by tracking absences and gaining visibility into areas where absences are affecting labor costs. This allows managers to intervene when they notice absence trends. 
  • Core HR: Collect and measure data related to the workforce, including performance metrics. Managers can update employee profiles and benefits programs, manage schedules, ensure employees receive proper training opportunities and analyze payroll data. 
  • Payroll: Leverage the benefits of integrated time tracking by automatically calculating employee hours to process payroll. This feature also helps ensure compliance by generating standard tax forms and reports to help organizations prepare for quarterly or annual audits. 
  • Reporting: Managers can create interactive charts and graphs to help recognize trends within the workforce. Managers can generate and view charts directly through the dashboard. 
  • Mobile App: The system is compatible with both IOS and Android mobile devices as well as tablets, making it easy for managers and employees to access the system remotely. 

Kronos Workforce Central Suite Support

mail_outlineEmail: Users can ask direct questions for support through the Kronos Community portal.
phonePhone: Users can contact phone support by calling 1-888-394-4357.
schoolTraining: Users can find a variety of resources on Kronos’ community portal, including FAQ pages, blogs articles about common issues and questions asked by other users. Additionally, this portal includes a page specific to the Kronos Workforce Central Suite.
local_offerTickets: Users cannot submit tickets for support.
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