Benefits and Insights

Why use Juniper Networks IDP?

Key differentiators & advantages of Juniper Networks IDP

Feature BenefitsStateful signatures • Intelligently track the state of the connection/traffic and scan for attack patterns matching the signature• Minimizes false-positives• optimizes performanceZero-day protection • Protocol anomaly detection and same-day coverage for newly found vulnerabilities.traffic anomaly detection • Identify attacks spanning multiple connections by comparing incoming traffic volume to baseline activities• thwart attacks such as network probes and port scansapplication awareness/identification • use of context, protocols and signatures to identify applications on any port. • enable rules and policies based on applications.application policy enforcement • Manage unwanted applications with various actions while maintaining threat coverage.application volume tracking • observe network bandwidth consumption per honeypots • Proactively identify potential attackers by impersonating network services that do not exist