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Computer Security Services They Provide: IT Risk Assessment & Controls Review - The information security program assessment, Security Pursuit will provide a detailed report of findings and recommendations, and will assign an overall risk profile associated with the Client's enterprise security posture. HIPAA Compliance Assessment - To help ensure the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of electronic protected health information (ePHI), the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) Final Rule on Security Standards was created. HIPAA Meaningful Use IT Risk Assessment - HIPAA Meaningful Use Stage 1 attestation of Electronic Health Records requires healthcare providers to conduct an information risk assessment. To meet this requirement, Security Pursuit offers a HIPAA Meaningful Use Risk Analysis that identifies critical gaps in a provider's information security program. Network Security, Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment - It helps identify vulnerabilities which could be exploited to gain unauthorized access into your organization’s network. They use the latest in both automated and manual techniques to find the holes in your environment, then deliver a detailed report with actionable steps to take as your mitigation roadmap for improving the network’s security posture. Website Security, Penetration Testing & Vulnerability Assessment - Security Pursuit's web application penetration testing services use non-disruptive ethical hacking techniques identify weaknesses in your application code and database layers which may be vulnerable to attack. Cross site scripting, SQL injection, and many other attack methods are used to find vulnerabilities in your website. Data Breach Incident Response - Security Pursuit's analysts are experienced in responding to the unpredictable and urgent nature of these events. They have helped businesses facing 7-figure losses recover and resume their normal business operations. When IT controls fail and a data breach has occurred, you can rely on Security Pursuit to assist with minimizing losses. Social Engineering Prevention & Security Awareness Training - Their social engineering prevention campaigns serve to measure the overall security awareness within the organization. It provides upper management with a true read on how well they have done educating their employees. Followed up with an on-site security awareness training seminar, this is an excellent way to educate staff and encourage vigilance in the workplace. Employee Termination Assistance - When termination of staff members is necessary, Security Pursuit can assist with insuring your data is safe. The statue of limitations allows former employees to bring wrongful termination lawsuits against the company for two years or more, depending on state labor laws. Virtual CISO - The “Virtual Chief Information Security Officer” program offers you all of the core competencies of an experienced IT executive for far less than in-house staff. With Security Pursuit's interim CISO services, your IT department receives guidance towards achieving industry best practices typically enjoyed only by larger organizations. APT Defense Assessment - An advanced persistent threat (APT) is a set of stealthy and continuous computer hacking processes, often orchestrated by human(s) targeting a specific entity. APT usually targets organizations and/or nations for business or political motives. APT processes require a high degree of covertness over a long period of time. Computer Forensics & eDiscovery - Forensic Pursuit investigates these types of cases... - Wrongful termination lawsuits - Employee theft of trade secrets, customer/marketing/sales data - Copyright/patent/intellectual property infringement - Divorce and other family-law matters - Sexual harassment lawsuits, threats, or hostile workplace claims - Use of business computers for personal work or outside ventures - Industrial espionage and software piracy - Breach of contract or violation of fiduciary duties Hire A Speaker For Your Event - The executives at Security Pursuit speak at conferences and training events nationally. They have a track record of presenting topics that are both relevant and interesting for the audience.
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