Benefits and Insights

Why use Heroku Cloud Application Platform?

Key differentiators & advantages of Heroku Cloud Application Platform

  • Scaling - With full control, instant spin-up, infinite capacity, and independent scaling for each component of your app, Heroku offers the most advanced and powerful web scaling platform to date.
  • Dynos - Forget servers, instances, and VMs. Focus on processes. Dynos are fully-isolated, erosion-resistant containers running on and kept alive by the dyno manifold. Dynos receive web requests from routing, connect to app resources via environment variables, and write output to Logplex.
  • Process Types - Define your app's parts with a Procfile, then scale the dynos for each component independently (web, workers, and more). This extremely powerful process model allows apps to scale without constant re-architecting.
  • Routing - Incoming web traffic is automatically routed to web dynos, with distribution of load instantly as you scale. Rich APIs allow fine-grained control of DNS, domains, SSL, maintenance, and error handling.
  • Relax - Once you've pushed code and scaled your dynos, Heroku takes full responsibility for your app's health. Entrust the dyno manifold to ensure your app is running the right number of healthy dynos at all times.
  • Isolation - Each dyno is completely isolated (using LXC OS-level virtualization), providing a secure and performance-consistent environment. Dynos can't run out of memory or be adversely affected by other dynos, including one-off administrative dynos.
  • Erosion-resistance - Heroku takes care of security issues, OS patching, library updates, shifting dependencies, crashing processes, memory leaks, and even hardware failure, keeping your dynos running throughout. Web apps are continually subject to extreme erosive forces, but Heroku's architecture provides strong resistance, keeping apps running unattended literally for years.
  • Total Visibility - Heroku's Logplex provides an unprecedented level of visibility into your app's operations, acting as an aggregation point for all logging activity across the platform.
  • Full Logging - See all logging output from every component of your app and each dyno, and output from every piece of the Heroku platform as it deploys your app, manages your dynos, and handles HTTP requests.
  • Process Status - Inspect the status of all app dynos across the platform. Watch the dyno manifold bring dynos up and down and keep them running, all in real-time.
  • Advanced Use - Filter logs by component or platform layer, or tail your logs in real-time, all from the command line.
  • Extensible - Connected resources can channel logs into your log stream (such as system logs from the Heroku PostgreSQL add-on), and syslog drains can send your logs to an external service or custom log archival location.