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Benefits and Insights

Why use Groove Virtual Office?

Key differentiators & advantages of Groove Virtual Office

  • Document collaboration tools - The Files tool allows team members to share files, and iterate document reviews and changes. The SharePoint Files tool adds synchronization with SharePoint document libraries to the Files tool features. 
  • Tracking tools - Use the Issue Tracking tool to create tasks, identify opportunities, raise issues, and record progress. - Idea development Use the Notepad tool to capture text and the Sketchpad tool to draw concepts. 
  • Meetings and calendars - Use the Calendar tool to schedule important project milestones and events, and the Meetings tool to schedule project meetings. 
  • Threaded discussions - Use the Discussion tool to enable everybody on your team to track and contribute to a shared, ongoing conversation on important topics. 
  • Workspace - Chat Engage in impromptu, spontaneous exchanges of information with team members who are currently in the workspace. 
  • Presence awareness - Quickly figure out who is working on what and when by viewing other workspace members' online status indicators. Groove notifier when a contact comes online 
  • Alerts - Groove automatically encrypts and decrypts data using the Groove Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) on each computer and over the Internet. 
  • Custom forms - Collect structured data from your team in custom tools created using the Groove Forms or Groove InfoPath Forms tools.