Benefits and Insights

Why use GreenSQL Dynamic Data Masking?

Key differentiators & advantages of GreenSQL Dynamic Data Masking

  • Dynamic masking of personally identifiable information (PII) in all your MySQL, MS SQL and PostgreSQL production and non-production databases, including databases in the cloud such as Amazon RDS for MySQL,  SQL Server and WIndows Azure SQL Database
  • Customized, consistent security policy to suit your business and regulatory needs in all environments
  • Real-time security enforcement on incoming SQL statements before they can attack your databases
  • Quick, easy, low-cost compliance with PCI DSS regulation 3.3 and other similar regulations that require masking of sensitive data 
  • Simple centralized interface for defining security policies and masking
  • Support for internal and external users (employees, service centers, software) across every platform (intranet, extranet, cloud)
  • No changes to existing applications or databases
  • Quick and easy production of new reports and applications