Benefits and Insights

Why use GoMeetNow?

Key differentiators & advantages of GoMeetNow

- Everyone in a meeting can present his desktopThe meeting host can assign any attendee as the current "presenter" of his computer screen to all the meeting's participants.- Everyone in a meeting can control the presenter's desktopThe meeting presenter can pass control of his keyboard and mouse to one of the attendees in a meeting. - Application sharing*To protect privacy, the meeting presenter can select one specific application to show to other attendees and hide everything else on the desktop.- Free integrated landline audio conferencingAll participants in a meeting can dial a land-line audio conference number in the US. It is free. Each attendee can choose to use a regular phone or a computer mic.- HD VoIP audio conferencingAll meeting attendees can use the computer microphones and speakers to conduct audio conferencing with HD voice quality. A decent headset is strongly suggested to avoid echo. The VoIP function is limited to interactive meetings only, not available for the seminar meeting type.- Video conferencingYou can have up to four attendees show their webcams to everyone in a meeting- ChatInteractive meeting attendees can chat with each other. Chat sessions can be saved for later reference.- File transferAttendees can send files or folders to every attendee or a specific attendee. If there is an internet outage, transferring files automatically resumes once the internet connection is restored.- Recording*Records screen and voice using your computer's microphone. The resulting recording is stored as an executable file which contains both the recorded data and a built-in player.- Recording conversion*ou can convert your recording to standard multimedia formats in Flash, AVI and WMV for editing or publishing.- PollingDuring a meeting, the presenter can poll attendees with multiple-choice questions and collect and share feedback. The meeting host can manage polling questions before a meeting.- Real-time privacy protection*During a meeting, an application may accidentally open over the top of the application being shared. The meeting session will instantly pause until the foreign application is removed from the area being viewed by attendees.- No download of any kind - Universal AttendanceStart a seminar. Your attendees can join your meeting within 5 seconds without downloading any kind of software including Java applets and Flash. Attendees can join from any platform with a full-fledged browser.- Pause meetingsYou can pause a meeting during the middle to do something on your computer that you do not want your attendees to see.- Support multi-monitors*The system allows you to select one or all monitors to show to your attendees.- Firewall & proxy friendlyGoMeetNow complies with existing firewall settings, without compromising security. - Compatible with lockdown computersGoMeetNow is capable of working with locked down computers- Change image quality for faster performance or clearer imageEasily change image quality from low quality (for the fastest speed) to 24-bit Truecolor (for the best image quality with 100% accuracy for applications such as healthcare, graphic arts, etc.).- WhiteboardA whiteboard is available for drawing.- AnnotationThe host or attendees can make annotation marks anywhere on your screen to emphasize your points or ideas. You can save the annotation as a JPEG file.- Auto-reconnectionYour internet connection or your attendee's' internet connection could be lost in the middle of a meeting. The last screen image will continue to display for the attendee until the internet reconnects. Your meeting will continue as soon as the internet reconnects. There is no need to restart or rejoin a meeting. - Schedule MeetingsYou can schedule single or recurring meetings. You can publish the scheduled meetings anywhere you want. The system displays scheduled meetings in both HTML and XML.- Fit-to-screen displayPerfectly displays the presenter's entire screen on the attendee's screen, regardless of the presenter's screen size. - Outlook (or Google) integration*When you send invitation emails for scheduled meetings, the system will automatically add the calendar event to your Outlook Calendar. When attendees accept their meeting invitation, a calendar event gets added to their Outlook Calendar (or their Google Calendar).- International Language supportThe current version supports English, Spanish, Japanese, Chinese (Simplified & Traditional), French and Turkish. - Allow hosts to collect attendee emailsThe meeting host can choose to require attendees input their email addresses before joining a meeting. The meeting report will display attendee email addresses.- Remote Printing*Remote print of any documents to any attendees in a meeting/support session- ReportingReport meeting start and end times, attendee names, emails and IP addresses.