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Why use FMS Sentinal Visualizer?

Key differentiators & advantages of FMS Sentinal Visualizer

  • Government Solution
    Government organizations have the clear need for streamlined tools and processes to create actionable intelligence in very short timeframes. The FMS Advanced Systems Group understands this environment and has successfully deployed our Sentinel Visualizer software product to a variety of government agencies both domestically and internationally. We also partner with system integrators to deliver turnkey solutions to Federal, State, and Local governments.

  • Law Enforcement and Investigative Solutions 
    Law enforcement, intelligence agencies, and investigative organizations have a constant influx of information; information that can seem inconsequential when it is first received, but later plays a vital role in determining who knew what, and when.

  • Commercial Solutions 
    Today's fast-paced business environment requires data analysis solutions that allow customers to gain every bit of value from their data. Sentinel Visualizer addresses the requirements of both commercial organizations and non-governmental agencies.

  • Partner Solutions 
    As a provider of commercial software to government and industry, we understand the challenges faced by system integrators, consultants, Independent Software Vendors (ISV), and Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). Customers demand rapid results and cost-effective solutions. By incorporating Sentinel Visualizer technology into your solutions, you can meet your customer's needs in days instead of months.