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Regain control of your classroom with Faronics Insight. Now you can monitor all user activity from the convenience of your own workstation. Forget about trying to fight distractions. Simply remove them with the ability to limit Web, applications, print, and drives. Getting classes started is a challenge everywhere. With the ability to blank student screens and lock keyboards/mice, you can command attention the second the bell rings.Promote collaboration and deliver an interactive lesson that keeps students engaged. Using the audio, chat, and broadcast features, you can communicate in new ways. Sharing your screen or a student’s screen with the rest of the class gives students a hands-on learning experience. Involving students in decision-making is easy with the quick voting tool, and you can replace the traditional clicker system to get a quick pulse on student understanding.Central management is made possible with the new free Tech Console. Now you can eliminate the headache of managing multiple labs, schools, and networks. It’s easy to provide remote support to teachers and students alike, so you can minimize lesson disruptions and help classrooms out even in another building. It includes many basic desktop management tools that help you stay on top of inventory, assets, software updates, security, and even control Faronics Deep Freeze. Life just got a lot easier.
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