Benefits and Insights

Why use eSSETS?

Key differentiators & advantages of eSSETS

  • Reduce search time and increase time spent on productive actions with eSSETS.
  • Moving to cloud-based eSSETS saves money over older on-premise systems
  • With eSSETS, every Thing has its Place and every document has an association.
  • Prevent costly and unproductive downtime. Improve service quality, reliability and safety.
  • eSSETS can help, with tracking tools, reminders, and documentation support when and where you need it.
  • With eSSETS, you’ll store that document once and retrieve it anytime, from anywhere.
  • You can get access to critical asset information, assignments and activities while traveling or while at home. Your PC, Mac, iPad, Android tablet, iPhone or just about any other smartphone can access eSSETS. eSSETS is a window into a vast information store so you can ensure that work and results are occurring from wherever you may be.
  • eSSETS cloud-based software is a better solution than traditional, more costly, labor intensive, on-premise software!

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