Benefits and Insights

Why use Enterprise Service Bus?

Key differentiators & advantages of Enterprise Service Bus

  • Do More Faster, Spend Less: Develop and deploy applications and services faster, at reduced cost using a model-driven environment that requires minimal to no coding

  • Boost Communication: Mediate the communication between applications and services by routing and transforming disparate data formats and transport protocols

  • Reduce Complexity: Reduce interoperability between heterogeneous applications and technologies and promote the seamless exchange of real-time information across the enterprise

  • Regulate Change: Mitigate the impact of interface changes by simplifying the process: promote the loose coupling of applications through well-defined service contracts

  • Enhance Visibility: Easily monitor failure and manage misbehavior in highly complex systems – especially when components need to be changed

  • Promote Reuse: Extract greater value from legacy assets by exposing them as services – and add new functionality without costly system migration and redesign efforts

  • Stay Vendor Free: All of our integration solutions share a common runtime environment, which means you won't need to stay tied from any one vendor's environment